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Wynn Becomes First Las Vegas Casino to Open at 100% Capacity

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Posted on 07 May 2021 by "T".

Wynn Resorts has announced this week that it is reopening its properties in Las Vegas at 100% capacity.

Around 88% of its Las Vegas employees have already been vaccinated, and they were also given permission by the by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to amend their occupancy and physical distancing requirements.

Teaming up with UMC, the Encore opened a vaccination site on its property in January. As of May, almost all of their employees have been vaccinated.

Wynn employees are required to be vaccinated or take weekly COVID tests. With most of Wynn employees vaccinated, the UMC Vaccination Center at Encore will soon close, on May 14. The clinic shall be moving near UMC's hospital campus, and they say their decision to relocate is to make extra space available for many conventions and meetings that are returning and support the local economy.

Starting May 3, the gaming areas at both Wynn and Encore are cleared to run at 100% occupancy and plexiglass dividers shall be removed from all slot machines and table games.

Of course, Wynn Resorts is requiring all its employees and guests to continue following health and safety guidelines, including the wearing of face masks.



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46 comments on "Wynn Becomes First Las Vegas Casino to Open at 100% Capacity"

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» Wynn Becomes First Las Vegas Casino to Open at 100% Capacity

 Cesar1415/05/2021 01:59:17 GMT
The news is good because the casinos will already be back to 100% of their capacity, but the problem here is that not everyone will respect the security protocols, but that should be present in all players so that the virus does not spread and have to close again.
 CALICUL15/05/2021 20:58:29 GMT
it's good for any player which goes to those Las Vegas casinos, and if i could do anything, i would ban masks forever. I don't like how many things were destroyed because of a lie, which is named Covid 19. Incredible how humanity has a spirit of herd. Now, i hope it returns to normal all over the world.
 geseco1216/05/2021 05:04:03 GMT
The situation is difficult now, but with faith we can return to tranquility, we all need to open our businesses that are the sustenance, now this casino is already open and many more will join.
 dule-vu16/05/2021 17:50:26 GMT
foru sure everything will be open first for people that got vaccine and who had corona in last months and they will allow to this people to go on concerts,to go in casino,restaurant and other things!on this way that want to make people to take vaccine and that everything is over soon,but ofcourse lot of people will not to that!
for this thing in las vegas,at least you will know that all workers will have it and that you dont have to worry about them and contact with them!
 CALICUL16/05/2021 21:41:52 GMT
what will happen to players who do not want to be vaccinated? will they be allowed to play, or will be banned from participating in casino and his games? Many owners will lose money, if they do not think rationally and will refuse to accept them inside.
 CALICUL01/09/2021 19:41:38 GMT
from my point of view, this protocol service and the rest of things must not be respected. People play and if they are not left inside, that casino loses and goes bankrupt. These conditions are not good because i do not agree with these methods against a virus that is not dangerous.
 CALICUL12/10/2021 10:54:25 GMT
what abusive rules exist in connection with this covid 19. I have seen that some people refuse to enter in certain casinos or game rooms, because they do not wear a mask inside and do not want vaccination.
I don't know how casinos will work in these conditions.
 CALICUL02/11/2021 19:15:14 GMT
I wonder how many casinos are open at full capacity and if the restrictions will return where they are already 100% functional. In Europe in some countries things get complicated and there will be problems with tests, vaccines and other things again. It's not beautiful at all.
 antonis32115/11/2021 01:38:27 GMT
They were able in Las Vega to schedule and run the greatest series of live tourneys , the WSOP , with and without masks , they had a satisactory number of registered players , and rebuys . If they succeeded in this , with so much crowd , I believe it is not a problem for the rest of the casinos to run moothly and normaly their tourneys or other games , with retrictions ,not only in US ,but also everywhere else , but I guess the future is alredu brighter for most of the casinos or all of them Smile
 dule-vu15/11/2021 01:39:50 GMT
but they had problems till few days ago,becaus they had ban for over 30 countries for more then year and half,so players from this countries couldnt come in usa to enjoy and gamble!we will see how it will be now!
 dule-vu18/11/2021 03:18:54 GMT
I see that lot of players have masks on face when they play poker on main event,but ofcourse this can be also choice that they dont want that other players see their face,so we dont know is because they afraid of virus or not!
 dule-vu19/11/2021 10:53:02 GMT
we can see from this wsop main event that people can be on normla way in casino,especially big number of players and even on final table players had friends in audience and they celebrate with them every good hand!so for usa this works,but probably you need to have vaccine!
 antonis32120/11/2021 02:38:44 GMT
Some in the WSOP FT studio were having masks , some others no , the same in the crowd , I guess the rules now are not so strict at they were in the past , i do not know , maybe the ones without mask they have had their vaccinate shot and have no problem , who knows . I guess in the next month all restrictions will be over and casinos will operate normally , this COVID-19 thing has lasted for a long of time , I remember in history virus outbreak lasted the most 2 years (mostly) , I guess it's time to move on ....
 dule-vu20/11/2021 02:46:58 GMT
probably if you have vaccine,you dont need to have mask!but players used them not show face!
 dule-vu21/11/2021 11:17:32 GMT
in most of usa states you cant do anything if you are not vaccinated,you cant enter even on sports game,so probably this is story for las vegas!we all know how basketball player irving dont want to take vaccine and now he will lose millions,because he cant even practice for brooklyn,so why they would allow somebody to gamble!but at least they have full stadiums,casinos and other places!
 dule-vu22/11/2021 14:07:01 GMT
I think that they will have problems as we can see how big problems european countries have,so they will also make some restrictions,at least for people who didnt got any vaccine!we will see in next months how everything will work in usa!
 milan_timko22/11/2021 17:14:18 GMT
I'm wondering for how long.. As things in europe, as you say, are getting very bad. So like austria in going in lockdown again. Soon other countries will follow. Here in Belgium in primary school its also not looking good. Every class like 1 or 2 positives. Kids are falling day by day. We haven't seen everything yet. unfortunatly
 dule-vu22/11/2021 17:15:40 GMT
Yes,we can see problems in many countries!in austria you can go only on work and to buy food,if you are not vaccinated!in holland they closed sports event for fans and so on!who know when this will finish!
People miss lot of things in life!
 milan_timko22/11/2021 17:23:47 GMT
I think corona will be a part of our lives. Its like the flu. Only the rate of infection is greater and the inpact aswell. We probably have an increase of infections every year by winter time. And every year we have to take a booster vaccination.. As we here in belgium have to take our 3th shot one day.. 2 isn't enough
 dule-vu22/11/2021 17:24:06 GMT
yeah,its same here!people already take third time it!we will see how it will end!nobody know it!
 milan_timko22/11/2021 17:33:31 GMT
Or really? So people have their 3 shot already? Here in belgium its getting started for people over 65 years and people with a low resistence.
I dont know the situation in croatia, but here in belgium the people that work in hospitals are getting obligated to get a vaccination. If they dont take it before april 2022, they will be fired..
It's already one big soup for all nurses.. Burnouts and things like that because of all the pressure. There are too few nurses for all needs
 CALICUL22/11/2021 18:08:58 GMT
people should refuse these experimental vaccines. They destroy humanity...
 CALICUL11/12/2021 10:57:05 GMT
I haven't checked what the capacity of the big casinos in Las Vegas is at the moment, but many US states no longer accept the Covid 19 lie and the globalists have come up with another invention called Omicron. They have started to put pressure on vaccinating children and this may lead to casinos being restricted again and more. It will be a difficult time for the gaming industry if this thing happens.
 milan_timko11/12/2021 11:25:16 GMT
That omicron variant is not the main issue. Covid is just will just keep taking part of our lives if we don't do anything about it. Many are sceptic about vaccination but if you look to the history, vaccination helped to cure other diseases. If people still refusing to do something about it, its will circulate for a long time. It could not be gone without taking action about it.
 dule-vu11/12/2021 11:27:29 GMT
milan_timko you cant explain everything to people,if they dont want to understand things....

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