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Play'n GO gets New License from Greek Online Gambling Regulator

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Posted on 09 June 2021 by "T".

Thanks to the new license awarded by the Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC), players based in Greece can now continue to enjoy playing games offered by Play'n GO, while the brand adheres to newly introduced gaming regulations.

Subsequently after several changes were made to gaming regulations, the Greek regulator has begun awarding new supplier licenses to online gambling operators. This will see "all online slot games in Greece carry a €2 maximum bet per spin, a minimum three-second average spin time, and a maximum game win of €70,000 per round, among other measures".

As one of the first suppliers to be awarded the new license by the Athens-based HGC, Greek customers of Play'n GO will be able to continue playing their favorite slot games, with leading titles such as Rich Wilde & The Amulet of the Dead, The Green Knight, and their most recent music release Hammerfall, while ensuring that the company complies with the latest responsible gaming regulations.

Play'n GO's Head of Sales and Account Management Magnus Olsson said, "Regulatory changes are a constant in the global gaming industry, and we welcome the new clarity provided by the Hellenic Gaming Commission in their latest framework. We will now work closely with our partners to ensure that their Greek operations are compliant with the new regulations.

One of the hallmarks of Play'n GO is producing industry-leading titles that are both popular with players and simultaneously available to operators in multiple jurisdictions. We deliver this rollout with varying localized differences in-game mechanic requirements such as maximum bets or spin speeds, which is a testament to our dedication to the regulated markets.

We take immense pride in our games. But we also love to bring more to the table too. The rigor in our approach to both compliance and game development ensures that our partners can rely on us to deliver entertaining content that is ready for all of their players to enjoy from the first day of global release, across multiple markets.

But to truly enjoy a gaming experience, players must feel safe. And that's why we're only too happy to tailor our titles to ensure they comply with all local rules in regulated markets all over the world." 



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14 comments on "Play''n GO gets New License from Greek Online Gambling Regulator"

 dule-vu09/06/2021 16:38:27 GMT
its great that greek players will continue to play games from this company,because they are popular in whole world and would be so bad that they cant play games in their country!we can see how this works in eu and probably in near future all countries will ask for this kind of licence and that they will need to pay something to goverment!
 CALICUL11/06/2021 10:04:35 GMT
A similar thing happened in Romania in 2016, when the national gambling commission began to clean up operators who did not want to pay fees and to receive authorization. It is obvious, that only those who paid the license received permission to operate. Now is fine and Greek neighbors probably did the same with all providers.
 dule-vu11/06/2021 10:05:58 GMT
we all know how popular are games from play n go company and I also play some of them almost every day,like rise of olympus,moon of princes and so on,so I understand how good is this information for greek players and what this news will bring to them!
hope that in future we will have less restrictions for playing online casino games!
 CALICUL12/06/2021 10:39:09 GMT
I think Mober the member of this site is happier now, because everything is legalized in Greece and the prizes have become interesting. The Greek community can play well, especially since there is a maximum wagering limit that is not so high. That means an advantage, so that people do not go bankrupt.
 dule-vu13/06/2021 11:00:43 GMT
play n go is also very active in last year or two and they make new slot almost every week!they make all kind of slots,5 reels,3 reels,megaways,everything and they try to offer players different games!we will will they change something in future or they will stay on this system of games!
 CALICUL13/06/2021 14:21:30 GMT
I know almost nothing about Play'n GO, but i read their name several times and i found that it is a company that offers games. I don't know their situation in the world top. I can't say how good it is with them. Maybe later, but greek players will know better, after this license paid by this provider.
 antonis32114/06/2021 19:15:49 GMT
So how much did the Hellenic Greek Commission took to give the licence , lol Smile Last years so many obstacles to poker rooms , casinos , everyone in Greece , hopefully things are better now than before . Good news this New licence , now players can go on playing these games in Greece , although personally I do not understand why so many licences and fees and taxes etc etc ,
 dule-vu15/06/2021 14:32:03 GMT
yeah antonis,its real question how much every company need to pay to some country that they can provide their games to domestic sites!we can imagine how much money every company will pay to every goverment,but probably this will be only way if they want to offer players their games!
greece is big country,with big number of players and they will earn this money very soon!
 CALICUL15/06/2021 14:54:38 GMT
these fees are normal, but they must to fit in the limit which is accepted for any businessman in Greece. Every man pays taxes and companies must do the same. Legality is important, if it is beneficial for all 3 parties ( staff, players and game providers ( through casinos, poker rooms etc...).
 CALICUL22/08/2021 12:49:57 GMT
the reason is that politicians often become very stingy and want to make money, but circles of interest make certain gambling companies not to be accepted, and others to pay exactly as much as the government in question demands. This is the situaton.
 CALICUL09/10/2021 09:31:59 GMT
I look at the Greek model of gambling and they have adopted the same strategy as Romania or other European countries. It's probably the same all over the world and everyone shares certain platforms. I have friends who work there and it's a restrictive thing. Casinos are no longer free to operate everywhere and I think that has really ruined people's enjoyment of playing.
 CALICUL30/10/2021 17:44:58 GMT
I guess the prizes grew up on all remaining platforms, since the Greek National Gambling Office changed the law. Many casinos, poker rooms, sports bookmakers and other games were restricted, but fewer remained and received players from other places where they didn't get a license.
 CALICUL19/11/2021 21:01:34 GMT
I think that in Greece there is the same tax system as in Romania and it is in a way advantageous compared to other countries. The Greek state will collect some money, but the amount is not as high as in the USA or other countries where it charges you over 24%. Their entry into legality also confirms the safety of players, but also brings more money to the state budget.
 CALICUL09/12/2021 10:36:40 GMT
It is sad that Greece has done the same as Romania and there are no more poker rooms for you to play in. The law banned them because they refused to pay the fees and the players were left with swollen lips ... I hope that the situation will improve and the big platforms will start thinking about the people who want to play in those places that were forbidden.

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