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VR Games can become a Breath of Fresh Air for iGaming

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Posted on 15 July 2021 by "T".

Awesome graphics is one of the key elements for an online casino game to be successful. Other than that, it has to be generous with high RTP and sophisticated features, modern and fast and of course, eye-catching! As an innovative and fast-growing iGaming content provider, BGaming has gathered interesting trends in the graphics and design of online casino games.

Mobile Focus
More and more players prefer to play on their mobile devices. Over 94% of BGaming's audience choose to play on mobile devices these days, according to a corporate report. For online casino game developers, this is a common trend that highly influences almost every step of the production process.

Art Director at BGaming Alexey Ulanov notes, "iGaming providers began to produce vertical online slots and games similar in logic to Match-3 games. Accordingly, the graphics adapt to these requirements. This is an important point because it is familiar and convenient for the player. As for the classic slots, we can see some simplification, providers have to reject small details that were important on desktops and slot machines, but are hardly distinguishable in mobile devices."

Mix of Styles
To coincide with the contemporary flat style of design, a bare minimum of elements and effects as well as the nonexistence of gradients or mixed colors is implemented. With primitive graphic art, the hyper casual design still lets the provider bring their own vision, thus making a game unique.

Thanks to the influence of crypto gaming, the share of games having these two styles is swiftly growing. Therefore, this impacts not only crypto games but all aspects of iGaming design.

Alexey Ulanov says, "Speaking about BGaming, now we're working on the hyper casual title called Space XY. It will be a good example of a crypto game. In general, we expect to see the development of both graphics-intensive games and games with flat, and hyper-casual design. There will be attempts to mix styles, and create versions of the same game in adjacent styles. That's an intriguing challenge and only the analysis will show us how it works."

Also, the casual design with its likeness to the cartoon style is still mainly the favorite amongst leading iGaming providers.

Ulanov says, "This approach gives artists the opportunity to bring different ideas and game themes to life. Dig Dig Digger, the latest release by BGaming, is a shining example of a casual-style slot."

VR/AR in iGaming - Games of the Future?
Online casino game providers can continue to pursue the niche of AR and VR games. 3D visualization of poker, slots and other casino games is thought to bring out new experiences on entertainment to players.

Head of BizDev Department at BGaming Alexandr Shavel said, "This is a very promising area for iGaming in general and BGaming in particular. This can become a new breath for online games. We're currently working on VR games but do this in our own way, it will be something completely different. We would like to give players another way to play their favorite games and have fun. To make it possible, we need to have more convenient devices but, for sure, this issue will be solved soon."

New Vision of Classics
In demand for all times, traditional fruit slots are considered a huge part of all online casino games. Apparently it seems that it is almost impossible to offer something new to this type of game, but providers are looking for new innovations.

For instance, BGaming was the first studio in the world to offer a concept of a chameleon-style slot. The studio organized a few packs of graphics for a single game and the outcome, Fruit Million, which was released in December 2020, celebrates every holiday along with the world.

Game Producer at BGaming Yulia Aliakseyeva said, "The game is going to change its look more than 5 times throughout the year, sharing the festive mood of Christmas, St, Valentine's Day, Halloween, and other big days. BGaming's art team created different graphics for the slot to bring players festive mood. Thanks to this, the game always stays relevant."



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20 comments on "VR Games can become a Breath of Fresh Air for iGaming"

 dule-vu15/07/2021 11:58:33 GMT
I also play almost all games on smartphone,not like before on my laptop and everything is even better on phone,but dont know how this will work with VR and what this will bring to us!probably this will be on some new level and probably totally new like it was with live casino games,monopoly,crazy time and so on!they will need to test lot of time this,before they offer to players and casino sites!
 Nelson171215/07/2021 19:44:09 GMT
Although VR has many positive aspects, excessive use of virtual reality can cause health problems among users. When using VR, it’s common to lose spatial awareness. Users are encouraged to play in an area that’s clear of furniture and other potential obstacles. Eye strain can also be caused by excessive use, so it’s important to limit your time playing in virtual reality and to take breaks in between game sessions in order to minimize the possibility of experiencing negative health effects.. is my opinion
 geseco1217/07/2021 03:14:42 GMT
It has its advantages and disadvantages, I think it will be fun to play that type of game, the reality will be magnificent, but on the other hand it will affect your health if you play it for a long time
 dule-vu17/07/2021 14:11:18 GMT
I still love to have everything in my hands and to play this slot on normal way!dont know what will future bring to use,but I will play them on this way!smartphone,laptop,whatever but its about clicking Big Smile
 dule-vu17/07/2021 16:09:53 GMT
it will need to pass some tests to see what can be with eyes,we dont know now that!
 CALICUL18/07/2021 17:15:36 GMT
People have the opportunity to play on mobile devices (because they are addicted to them), and they do their job very well in most cases. Wherever you are, can play at the casinos, because this possibility is allowed. 94% prove this. The important thing is that they must continue to offer something good for their customers and they will be successful.
 Rogerio1019/07/2021 05:09:22 GMT
I too play casino games almost every time on mobile phone. Nothing better before the sleep to go in the bad and had a little session, specialy if it's winning. Poker is other thing i like to prepare when i play and sit down at the table and try to play the best game at my pc or laptop.
 dule-vu19/07/2021 17:22:58 GMT
you are right rogerio10,poker is something different when you play on mobile phone,then when you play casino games,because you need to see lot of inforamtions when you play poker,to place size of bets,move in front,to have bigger picture maybe,but for casino games when you set up bets,its just to have spin button or to make 100 games on automatic!
 CALICUL21/07/2021 21:56:29 GMT

Graphics matter a lot when you play and technology has advanced so much that every player can enjoy their favorite games. People always keep offering what is better and that is why new variants or improvements are always appearing. The last part is to be lucky to earn some money.
 geseco1203/08/2021 03:09:05 GMT
Virtual reality games are very good, they are as if you were the protagonist of the scenes, it is incredible how technology has advanced in recent years in this world, but we should not abuse it because it would harm our eyes, but in the end it would be good to experience it.
 CALICUL03/08/2021 12:38:57 GMT
the technology is good but it must be used carefully so as not to destroy us. Many people say that these technologies can lead to the destruction of humanity, but i hope not and that we can enjoy the internet for many millennia from now on. Graphics matter a lot because it's fascinating to see something beautiful and to play at the same time.
 geseco1207/08/2021 02:39:49 GMT
Of course, the technology is useful, but we should not abuse it, this is clear, now many have tried this virtual reality technology and have been amazed by the use of it, I have not tried it yet but I would like it.
 CALICUL07/08/2021 11:57:28 GMT
I use technology quite a lot, but this is the situation. It is important not to become addicted and to make some money. Good luck with this technology. Big Smile
 CALICUL11/08/2021 17:30:48 GMT
slot games will become much more captivating and realistic over time because the technology changes and the graphics will be really great. Players will be much more lost in this world and captivated by this virtual reality. There will be enough to play with pleasure.
 CALICUL12/09/2021 09:17:11 GMT
before i played certain games on PC and for a year or more there is VR technique in them and now i see that VR Games is also related to these slot games. I think it is a big company that offers a lot of improvements, because it has taken on a bigger scale and that is very good.
 CALICUL18/10/2021 13:59:20 GMT
we will be on the verge of extinction if technology evolves even more, as in Hollywood movies. One part may be good, the other disastrous, but at this point we can enjoy with what VR Games has to offer, and to try with pleasure the chance to make money. It's simple.
 CALICUL09/11/2021 19:44:09 GMT
in terms of graphics it is something interesting and this technology will be implemented on a larger scale. The sensations are more intense, the visibility more attractive and his acuity is fine. All i can say is that: we have to try and see what results we have.
 CALICUL03/12/2021 00:55:53 GMT
this month I will enjoy this experience called VR Games again. I'll buy a video card on my other PC, because I made a $ 556 withdrawal and I'll play what I can for satisfaction or a win if I'm lucky. It is worth the effort because it is beautiful.
 CALICUL23/12/2021 13:25:41 GMT
vr games increases and improves its quality. This is very good because it is needed. Some players have complained about certain heroes, but it is not known if they are because of them or other things. The important thing is that they are in this industry and are always working to improve certain aspects.

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