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partycasino Fishmas Rewards promotion

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Posted on 23 December 2022 by "T".

partycasino is one of the world's biggest online casinos, with 180 mobile games available including many of the classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack and a huge variety of slot machines.

About partycasino
partycasino is the casino brand of Entain (formerly GVC Holdings), a multinational sports betting and gaming group listed on the London Stock Exchange. The Group's headquarters is in the Isle of Man with licenses and operations in more than 20 countries including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Malta, Denmark, UK, South Africa, and the Dutch Caribbean.

The company has four product verticals: sports, casino, poker (partypoker) and bingo.

partycasino Promotion - Fishmas Rewards

Join partycasino's Fishmas Rewards promotion this holiday season!

Simply opt in and wager $25 on the festive slot Fishin' Christmas Pots of Gold, and you will be rewarded with $5 as a cash prize with no wagering requirements!

This promotion starts from December 19, 2022 and ends on January 1, 2023.

How It Works:

  • First things first, sign up for a partycasino account
  • Take advantage of our 100% up to $/£/€500 Welcome Bonus
  • Join the Fishmas Rewards by clicking "Opt in" in the promo page
  • Wager $25 on the Fishin' Christmas Pots of Gold slot
  • Get $5 as a cash prize once a week!


Terms and Conditions
This promotion is organized by the company defined in the Terms and Conditions of use applicable to Eligible Players (as defined hereunder) and their website account (the "Promoter").
The promotion will run from 0:01 (CET) on 19.12.2022, Monday to 23:59 (CET) on 01.01.2023, Sunday (the "Promotional Period").
This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer. 
By taking part in this promotion, you hereby agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions and to our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions.
Players must:
be over eighteen (18) years old;
have made a minimum of one (1) deposit in their account; and
be able to see the promotion in the "Offers" section of their account during the Promotional Period.
(an "Eligible Player")
To participate in this promotion, an Eligible Player must Opt-in to the promotion each Monday during the Promotional Period. This can be done under the Offers section of their account.
To participate in this promotion, an Eligible Player must place an Eligible Bet (as defined below) during the Promotional Period.
An Eligible Player can qualify for a reward once a week during the Promotional Period.
An Eligible Player must place real-money bets, wagering a minimum of $25 on "Xmas Fishin' Pots of Gold" (the "Selected Game") during the Promotional Period (an "Eligible Bet").
Bets placed using bonuses will not count towards this promotion.
If an Eligible Player places an Eligible Bet on the Selected Game, the Promoter shall credit the Eligible Player with $5 in cash (the "Cash Prize").
An Eligible Player who wagers less than $25 on the Selected Game shall not be eligible to participate in the promotion.
Cash Prize Terms and Conditions:
The Cash Prize can be immediately withdrawn by the Eligible Player.
Where the Promoter suspects that a player is guilty of fraudulent activity, the Promoter reserves the right to suspend or remove that player from the Promotion, and/or suspend that player's account and/or suspend the Promotion pending further investigation.
The Promoter reserves the right to alter, discontinue or terminate the promotion in accordance with the terms of our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions.
In the event of any error or system failure, or any error in the crediting of funds, winnings, or bonuses to an Eligible Player's website account in connection with this Promotion, the Promoter reserves the right to correct the error and withhold funds or winnings resulting from such error in accordance with its General Terms and Conditions.
The Promoter may place restrictions on a player's account in order to comply with its legal and regulatory obligations. This could include deposit restrictions and restrictions on the bonus offers that the player can participate in. The Promoter will not be responsible should these restrictions, which may include Safer Gambling measures, affect the player's ability to complete the requirements of this promotion and/or to release any bonus, benefits or prizes.



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33 comments on "partycasino Fishmas Rewards promotion"

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» partycasino Fishmas Rewards promotion

 dule-vu24/12/2022 07:22:26 GMT
Try their casino offers!
 damosk24/12/2022 09:50:24 GMT
Another imaginative promotion from the team at PartyCasino. I haven’t played much there this year but drop in occasionally and have won some great winnings from their promotions. It all does seem however about knowing when to stop and withdraw a decent amount that you have made a profit on. Good luck to anyone who takes part in this promotion.
 dule-vu24/12/2022 11:18:42 GMT
this is something that every player can do if like this kind of slots,so for you regular play,no matter will you win something or not,you get 5 for free!its not much,but why not with your play to take anything that you can and it easy to wager 25 e!ofcourse they have other much better promotion then this!
 Rogerio1024/12/2022 11:55:20 GMT
Yep Party always have great promotions on all three , poker, casino and sports betting. Now i click just free click promotion, becouse party is curently not my main site. But will probably move some of my bankroll there to use those great promotion they all the time and specialy in december and holidays.
 CALICUL24/12/2022 13:18:08 GMT
it is a place where you can play with confidence, because many players have won and made their experience public on different sites. People win and are satisfied, because a big casino has many prizes to offer.
 Pvang1324/12/2022 22:12:18 GMT
Good luck to everyone
 CALICUL24/12/2022 22:19:33 GMT
Good luck Smile
 antonis32125/12/2022 00:53:30 GMT
Nice promotion , you play one specific good slot and toy win some cash back , that's cool. Partycasino is one of the best casino providers imo , it's good to play on their platform . And if you cannot play in PartyCasino , you might be able to play on Bwin casino , I think they gave the same games , but not exactly the same promotions . I play on Bwin , it's nice
 CALICUL25/12/2022 01:19:23 GMT
big casinos are profitable for many players
 geseco1225/12/2022 10:25:34 GMT
that is true, I know many casino players who are always having good results, with solid strategies are always having profitability, it is not easy to do in this type of game, but with discipline and perseverance can be achieved to do the right things.
 dule-vu25/12/2022 11:03:25 GMT
they try to offer something differetn then other casino sites,they try to have different loyalty program,so its up to everybody to choose is this good for them or not!we all know who cant play at this site for years,but know everything about them!its hard how somebody can know that if he cant even log in...
 Rogerio1026/12/2022 12:12:39 GMT
What is with those promotins? I only have some free spin and that's it. Is possible that some promotion is just fofr some players and not for all? I was remember once it was wager 10 or something and get 5 dollar sn'go getting 3max or somethin. Gonna se if i can find it otherwise i will contact them. Gl everyone who play.
 dule-vu26/12/2022 12:25:34 GMT
well probably is everything for every player,just depend what you play and what you have on account!ofcourse they can offer something different for some markets,but I think that they always had same for everybody!but now how I cant play from summer or their sites,I dont know for sure!good luck to you on this!
 geseco1226/12/2022 16:48:41 GMT
partycasino always give the best offers to their customers, that's why I always like to play some games when I can in this software, next year they are going to give more offers to their users, enjoy partycasino games and the christmas holidays.
 CALICUL26/12/2022 19:10:02 GMT
Posted by geseco12:
partycasino always give the best offers to their customers, that's why I always like to play some games when I can in this software, next year they are going to give more offers to their users, enjoy partycasino games and the christmas holidays.

is a nice opportunity here. Big Smile
 geseco1229/12/2022 00:15:04 GMT
partycasino offers many opportunities for all its users, it is a room that I really like because it is always looking out for the player to give him the best and have a good experience in this game.
 CALICUL29/12/2022 00:20:48 GMT
I heard that they have a very good casino where you can win bigger sums. This is important, that's why it's good to choose the big casinos, because there the chances are good.
 eloy211/01/2023 00:23:37 GMT
partycasino is one of the largest online casinos in the world, with 180 mobile games available, I hope that this year 2023 each of you can enjoy the great games and can win many more prizes including many of the classic casino games, such as the roulette, blackjack and a wide variety of slot machines.
 CALICUL11/01/2023 00:35:32 GMT
it depends on the restrictions in each country, because not all of us can play here. Party gave up many countries and they chose the countries where they wanted to continue. Otherwise, it may depend on other things, but i don't know, because they don't have a license in my country to find more things.
 geseco1211/01/2023 05:16:32 GMT
partycasino is restricted in many countries, I don't know exactly why that is, sometimes it happens due to many factors that prevent the entry of this giant of the games in the countries, partycasino is very cool, many promotions for all their players.
 dule-vu11/01/2023 07:17:50 GMT
because they dont want to pay tax or licence in that countires,goverment want to earn from that and that whole story! if you will pay to goverment, then you will work,but till then we can just play on other sites! for sure they will lose lot of players on this way,but also have lot from other countries!
 geseco1218/01/2023 14:24:32 GMT
for sure they will always have to lose many players from other countries, but I think that before positioning themselves in a market they have to evaluate to see if it is profitable or not, but in the end I think it depends on many more factors, partycasino has always given the best for their users, I hope they continue like this.
 CALICUL18/01/2023 14:26:44 GMT
a series of tournaments with very acceptable buy-ins. Party Poker players must play here because it would be not nice to miss these opportunities. Here they can demonstrate their talents.
 geseco1219/01/2023 15:38:15 GMT
partycasino is always present with new promotions and offers for its users, I like this room a lot and besides playing poker I take my time to try out partypoker casino games, so far I have not done so bad.
 CALICUL19/01/2023 15:55:38 GMT
I have read about them many times and i have seen that in the last 3-4 years they have done very good things for themselves and for their clients. The only thing i reproach the Party people with is that they left several countries.

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