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Lucky Player wins $3M from Real Time Gaming slot Shopping Spree

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Posted on 21 March 2022 by "T".

There are big wins, but then there are incredibly big wins! One lucky player has managed to become an instant multi-millionaire just by playing the Shopping Spree slot by Real Time Gaming.

A life-changing sum of $3,000,000 - literally lots of shopping sprees can be had with that kind of amount!

There aren't a lot of details obtained on this win, unfortunately, but nevertheless it's a wonderful win that is worth mentioning!

Shopping Spree slot (Real Time Gaming)
Shopping Spree is a progressive slot game created by Real Time Gaming.

Launched in 2016, the game houses 5 reels and 9 paylines with a 95.44% RTP.

There are two rewarding bonus features that can be triggered by the Dollar Sign scatter symbol.

The first is an easy Cash Bonus which can award a nice 350-coin bonus when you get the scatter on one of the three middle reels.

The second is a Bonus Game that can be triggered with the Shopping Bag symbol in the 1st, 3rd or 5th reels. This activates the Mystery Grab Bag bonus game in the pick-the-items style. Add in the progressive jackpot for max bettors and this has the potential to become a shopper's dream come true.



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29 comments on "Lucky Player wins $3M from Real Time Gaming slot Shopping Spree"

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» Lucky Player wins $3M from Real Time Gaming slot Shopping Spree

 CALICUL23/03/2022 01:41:51 GMT
It is true that you can be very lucky if you win millions, but for that we have to go to the casinos more often and unfortunately it is harder for me. Online I could do more and maybe a significant amount I will ever manage to earn. Congratulations to this winner.
 geseco1224/03/2022 02:55:13 GMT
The beauty of slot games is that you can be lucky enough to win millions of dollars in just a moment of playing, that's why thousands of players play every day to have that chance but only one can win the jackpot, congratulations to this player for winning 3 million dollars, crazy.
 dule-vu24/03/2022 06:00:20 GMT
Yeah,its crazy to win this amount on slots!
 geseco1204/04/2022 02:28:33 GMT
Who wouldn't be happy to win this great prize in these casino games, tremendous prize that this player won, for sure he will enjoy it for all his life and he will always remember it, it is a prize that doesn't happen often.
 dule-vu04/04/2022 05:06:42 GMT
Maybe he is just drunk in all this days and he celebrate too much!
 geseco1210/04/2022 18:13:38 GMT
tremendous prize that this player won, we are talking about more than 3 million dollars, this is crazy, there are few players who win that amount of money, we all dream of winning that amount in these games, to play more to make it happen.
 CALICUL10/04/2022 18:22:04 GMT
this is a beautiful prize and it is really extraordinary. A few million dollars, even after tax, is serious money that changes your life in a serious way. It was a great success for him and that's great.
 geseco1211/04/2022 20:04:07 GMT
that's right my friend, an incredible prize that this player won, a prize that changed his life, we all always dream of having one of them, hopefully luck will be with us and we can someday have the same luck and win a lot of money.
 CALICUL11/04/2022 20:16:05 GMT
it's nice if we win $ 3,000 or $ 30,000, but how much money this player took, makes us to dream a lot. Very few people have this luck, but when you win it is something that fixes you for life. It is important and he must to stay with his head on his shoulders.
 milan_timko11/04/2022 21:43:34 GMT
It's all Nice to read when People win big on casino's. But on the other hand, thé ones who paid for that huge win we dient see. If you Would Know how many players Will lose lots of money to build up that huge big jackpot.. it's not that those owners Will lose any money when you win a jackpot. It's just build by unlucky players.
Always a side effect
 CALICUL11/04/2022 21:45:55 GMT
it may be better, but this is the situation...
 geseco1213/04/2022 01:25:07 GMT
are amounts of money that very few casino players can have the opportunity and luck to win it, it is not easy, but at least you have to try, more than 3 million dollars is what this player took, crazy.
 dule-vu13/04/2022 05:41:58 GMT
But this kind of games and prizes are not for anybody!its just different story!
 geseco1215/04/2022 04:35:00 GMT
It is very true, not everyone has the chance to win more than 3 million dollars with the slot games, the players that win that amount are very lucky, but we are playing these games in order to one day be as lucky as they are.
 dule-vu15/04/2022 05:20:33 GMT
Maybe sometimes in future your life will change it with some big amount!
 geseco1216/04/2022 16:52:47 GMT
sometimes luck can surprise you at any time of your life, the important thing is to try, maybe who knows the next millionaire winner can be you, these games are very nice to play, besides the great prizes that are there.
 CALICUL16/04/2022 19:09:31 GMT
I'm sure this player was pleasantly impressed when he saw what prize he won. It is not easy to earn millions of dollars and then be realistic so that you do not spend easily. Some people lose their minds after such a big prize.
 geseco1217/04/2022 19:48:33 GMT
it is impressive the prize that this player won with the slots, it is more than 3 million dollars, surely it will help him a lot in his plans that he has, congratulations to this player.
 CALICUL17/04/2022 19:50:27 GMT
it's unbelievable, but let's not forget that some games give smaller prizes and others bigger prizes. Whoever gets their hands on a lot of money is very lucky, but these people risk more than us, that's why they win seriously.
 geseco1218/04/2022 21:28:59 GMT
these prizes are very big and only the players who bet the most in the slot games win them, they have more possibilities, but it is also very risky to play it, but if you are within your bankroll it is worth it.
 CALICUL18/04/2022 21:45:20 GMT
You're right, my mobster friend. For example, today I made 3 small football tickets and one was the winner. With $ 1 bet, I got 60 that I will still risk. The same thing happens with slot players who catch this luck and win much bigger amounts than me.
 geseco1220/04/2022 02:37:31 GMT
that's right my friend, to win these prizes many times you have to risk a lot in the bets we make, but it's worth it, maybe you are lucky enough to win the jackpot and it would be incredible, good luck to all players.
 dule-vu20/04/2022 05:18:28 GMT
In every gambling you must risk something,you cant expect that you will win right away!
 geseco1221/04/2022 04:00:53 GMT
so it is, but with these large amounts that are obtained you have to bet big too, but those who play higher are already used to that and of course luck smiles when they get prizes like this.
 dule-vu21/04/2022 05:17:39 GMT
You bet what you have!somebody small somebody big amounts!

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