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Lucky BitStarz Player scores $198K Big Win on Booming Games slot The King Panda

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Posted on 25 March 2022 by "T".

There is a symphony of wins happening at BitStarz, and one lucky player has just conducted their big win masterpiece! This time, the fortunate player took home a whopping $198,564 big win on The King Panda slot by Booming Games.

The year 2022 has indeed been a great year for big wins at BitStarz so far. In February, several players struck $1.7 million in big wins and the big wins just keep on rolling in March. With one week still left of the month, we've already seen more than $1.4 million in big wins!

The King Panda (Booming Games)
Get your tap-dancing shoes on and groove to the beat when The King Panda starts to make his grand entrance.

Booming Games has designed The King Panda to have 3 reels and just the one win line - styled very much like a traditional slot machine. This makes the wins few and far between, but potentially very lucrative once they do arrive! The king of rock and roll - Elvis, has been recreated in Panda form and there are lots of jazzy tunes being played out as you spin those reels.

By getting all three coins into play, you will have the chance to win bigger cash, but if you can't afford all three coins, you can lower your stake value while keeping all three coins in play.

The gameplay on The King Panda slot is simple: Land 3 of a kind on the payline and get ready for some big wins! There's no confusion here - spin to win, and that's all there is to it!


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41 comments on "Lucky BitStarz Player scores $198K Big Win on Booming Games slot The King Panda"

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» Lucky BitStarz Player scores $198K Big Win on Booming Games slot The King Panda

 geseco1216/04/2022 16:59:20 GMT
for sure there will continue to be news related to players winning a lot of money in these casino games, especially in the slot games, hopefully we will be lucky enough to win a prize this year.
 dule-vu16/04/2022 19:11:30 GMT
But too many of them on this site!
 geseco1217/04/2022 19:57:36 GMT
someday we will be able to tell our own story in this forum, in the meantime we will continue playing a lot to have more chances of winning a jackpot, that's how it is, luck can surprise you at any time.
 CALICUL17/04/2022 19:59:00 GMT
I would like to win something nice and to tell my story, I don't necessarily want a jackpot, but a nice amount is very adequate. The important thing is to be able to do something nice with this amount in my life, if i have luck to win. Good luck for that. Big Smile
 geseco1218/04/2022 21:36:42 GMT
you will have it my friend, if you persevere in these games you can win a considerable prize, luck can surprise you at any time, these games are very nice and also you have the chance to win something big.
 CALICUL18/04/2022 21:52:27 GMT
I can't play on BitStarz because they doesn't work in my country, but i can try many slot games, if i have money to risk, because there are enough online slots in Romania, through several sites that offer them. Maybe they will activate in the future if they buy a license.
 eloy220/04/2022 02:10:56 GMT
I am happy every time that unbelievable slot games come out and at the same time I congratulate this unbelievable winner for winning an unbelievable prize, it is not easy to win prizes like this I hope they continue to reward and win all the players I wish them good luck in this year 2022
 geseco1220/04/2022 02:47:16 GMT
it would be a great joy to play in a slot game and win 6 figure prizes, there are few who have the privilege of being able to play and win big prizes, you just have to try, maybe it will happen.
 dule-vu20/04/2022 05:08:22 GMT
Now its bit boring to write every day about this win,when its nothing new to say,so we can comment in some new thread!
 geseco1221/04/2022 04:09:16 GMT
I think this will be my last comment in this thread, but for sure we all want someday to be as lucky as this man to win thousands of dollars in this game of slots, it is not easy to get it, you need to be always playing a lot to have that opportunity.
 dule-vu21/04/2022 05:19:32 GMT
Every gambler want to have this kind of luck at least once in life!
 geseco1222/04/2022 04:40:00 GMT
even if it is only once, but to have the experience of being able to participate and win big, there are few privileged, but we must not lose hope in this, to play and win. luck to all the players of the forum.
 dule-vu22/04/2022 05:29:37 GMT
If somebody play on regular base casino games,then he will have chance to win it!
 geseco1223/04/2022 05:22:07 GMT
if we want one day to have the chance to win big prizes in casino games we should play very often, being constant in these games will give you chances to win big jackpots, it is a matter of each one and the luck you have.
 dule-vu23/04/2022 05:23:01 GMT
Even you said two days ago that this will be your last post in this thread,you still made two more in this boring thread...
 geseco1224/04/2022 13:23:16 GMT
I think this will be the last post I make in this thread, it has been a thread of much conversation of the same news, but I think it is not a bad idea to always believe that you can win in these online games.
 dule-vu24/04/2022 13:24:24 GMT
Too many about win on one site,that nobody take lot of care!
 geseco1228/04/2022 22:34:24 GMT
That's how it is my friend, but we will always be very happy when we are given the opportunity to win big in any slot machine we play, some people are very lucky and others are not, that's the way the game is.
 CALICUL28/04/2022 22:38:13 GMT
I like to play more if I can, but unfortunately I lose money faster than other players do because I'm newer to slot games. Something needs to be done about it so that I can have more confidence in playing.
 geseco1229/04/2022 23:56:02 GMT
I believe that the practice of the game will not make you lose a lot of money, but I believe that the slots are created to lose, that is why we must be very responsible at the moment of playing always.
 CALICUL30/04/2022 00:09:36 GMT
I lose always at the slots, but think i will risk some money tomorrow or sunday, because today i won something in sports betting and i increased my bankroll with $ 209. I guess i will lose at the slots again, but i like to play for fun sometimes, and if i win something will be even better.
 geseco1201/05/2022 04:36:47 GMT
That's right my friend, the best thing is that you always give your best, in slot games we are always going to lose, the important thing is not to think about the result but to try to have a good time and have fun playing.
 dule-vu01/05/2022 06:08:06 GMT
Old news and old win geseco,old news...
 geseco1202/05/2022 14:14:57 GMT
ajjajjaj that's right my friend dule-vu, the news is old and that's how people comment, I think this thread will close soon, but surely we've always commented in the best way.
 CALICUL02/05/2022 14:17:39 GMT
I hope you manage to play here and win, even if you forgot English, but it's not a problem if you pay attention in the future. I think BitStarz is beautiful, but they need to grow. I wish them good success in future. Smile

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