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Lucky Player wins AU$20,540 on Buffalo Hold and Win slot by Booming Games

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Posted on 09 September 2022 by "T".

Lady Luck may not come our way too often, but when she does, it's going to be a great day!

A few days ago, a lucky player decided to spend some time at Casino, and little did he know he's in for a special treat. Soon enough after spinning the reels of Buffalo Hold and Win slot from Booming Games, he hit a major win worth AU$20,540!

Due to legal reasons, any further details cannot be disclosed about this big win. Nevertheless, congratulations to the lucky slot spinner on this awesome new fortune!

Buffalo Hold and Win (Booming Games)
Do check out Casino and try out Buffalo Hold and Win, a high volatility slot from Booming Games.

Booming Games is a gaming software company that has grown from offering uniquely themed games in just the Isle of Man to become a famous brand in Australia, Europe and Asia.

At first glance, it may just appear like an ordinary slot game without much effort put into the design or story, but it actually does more than a decent job when it comes to paying out big bucks!

Buffalo Hold and Win is a classic American wilderness slot game with a 5x3 reelset and 25 paylines. It features Hold and Win, Stacked Wilds, Quick Hit Bonuses and Major Free Spins. If you successfully lasso the maximum win and rein in the spirited Buffalo on this slot, you can walk away €240,000 richer!



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23 comments on "Lucky Player wins AU$20,540 on Buffalo Hold and Win slot by Booming Games"

 dule-vu09/09/2022 07:13:22 GMT
20 000 no matter which dollars is very nice amount to get,so congratulations to this online player who was probably very suprise with this win!some luck,some time and great feeling on end!nice to read this kind of news!
 geseco1210/09/2022 04:25:48 GMT
I am very happy to see news like this of players who win money with these slot games, we know that luck will always be present, we must be constant to be able to get a chance and win.
 CALICUL10/09/2022 09:20:53 GMT
it's always nice to see winners because that makes many players ambitious Big Smile
 geseco1211/09/2022 17:21:52 GMT
that's right my friend, we are here to win in these slot games, we know it is difficult to win a big prize, but perseverance will be rewarded in the prizes, so keep playing and having fun.
 CALICUL11/09/2022 17:25:22 GMT
I try to play when i can risk some money, i do it for pleasure and if i win something it will be a greater pleasure. I think it is necessary not to always think about winnings when we play and to enjoy the slots we play.
 geseco1213/09/2022 00:05:17 GMT
if you want to have a good time you should not think about the money, but rather the game, the rewards come at any time, and if we have this bad habit of worrying about how much money we are losing or winning we will always end a session in a bad mood.
 CALICUL13/09/2022 00:13:58 GMT
I don't always think about money of course. In time, this thinking is lost and we focus on what we see in front of our eyes. When we have to win something, we will see then how much we will think about money. This player did not win a large amount, but it is good i think...
 geseco1214/09/2022 00:27:59 GMT
It is very true that we should always focus on our game, the rest is a result of our work and how much dedication we put into it, in these games we know that luck is always ahead, so we should not worry about that.
 CALICUL14/09/2022 00:31:20 GMT
I'm always relaxed when i play and very rarely i'm a little agitated, but not when playing slots. I can't be agitated here because i have no reason. As much as i play, it is a pleasure and i consider that there is no point in being agitated, angry or nervous
 geseco1217/09/2022 02:49:49 GMT
these games are very good, besides we should always think about playing and having fun, the results will always come, sooner or later they come, and it is nice to receive some major prize with these games, so far I have not been able to get something big, but always with faith.
 dule-vu17/09/2022 07:56:05 GMT
This is for regular casino players!
 geseco1218/09/2022 02:59:33 GMT
It doesn't matter the amount of money you can get, the important thing is that you have some prize that motivates you to continue playing these games that are very nice, I didn't like it before, but since I tried it I haven't stopped playing it.
 CALICUL18/09/2022 03:14:21 GMT
the motivation is always good, but we have to win something and to withdraw, otherwise we lose confidence...
 geseco1219/09/2022 03:13:30 GMT
you are very right, we should always know at what time we should retire in these games, sometimes we make the mistake of continuing to play when we are winning and sometimes we end up losing everything, that's why you should always go by your brain and not by the emotions of the moment.
 dule-vu19/09/2022 05:38:49 GMT
Its always important what can you win on slots!
 geseco1224/09/2022 21:13:21 GMT
in these games there are chances to win big pots of money, but you also have to know when to pull out in order not to lose your winnings, otherwise you can end up having a negative session and everybody doesn't want that.
 dule-vu24/09/2022 21:13:27 GMT
Yes,but you must play slots for real money!
 Mupoaces25/09/2022 02:57:07 GMT
This is amazing Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 dule-vu25/09/2022 08:24:08 GMT
Yeah,great win!
 geseco1228/09/2022 01:27:26 GMT
The nice thing about these games is that they can surprise you at any time with a big prize that you don't really expect, while you are having fun with these slot games luck can come your way.
 CALICUL28/09/2022 01:32:35 GMT
a big prize should be 5,000 dollars in my opinion, and here i mean for us, not for strong players. I think it is very good if we can win prizes of several thousand dollars, but if we have more chances, we should try for the big jackpots.
 geseco1229/09/2022 03:08:14 GMT
For all slot game players any prize is well received, no matter the amount, what matters is that luck is always on our side, that's why we must always be constantly playing to achieve something great.
 CALICUL29/09/2022 03:17:44 GMT
naturally this award is excellent and we will not cry if we win a similar one. I think it is very good, but compared to others who earn a few hundred k or millions, it is something small. Whoever wins a million dollars has a huge win compared with 20 k.

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