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Lucky Player wins 1.7M on IGT's MegaJackpot Progressive slot Cluedo

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Posted on 27 April 2022 by "T".

Every once in a while a big win emerges, and this time it was from one of IGT's MegaJackpots Progressive slot games. The jackpot is tied to several of their online slots, but the game that has stolen the limelight and delivered a life-changing sum of £1,768,998 (or €2,112,360) was their slot game Cluedo.

Unlike some other progressive jackpot slots, in order to win IGT's MegaJackpot you need to bet max! These jackpots aren't for the faint-hearted and you need to be prepared to spend a few bucks.

For this lucky player, it more than paid off when the game dropped its third-largest win in the game's history!

Back in September 2013, the game paid out its largest-ever jackpot totaling £2,148,947! Their latest jackpot is well above the average payout on the game.

The jackpot keeps on growing
What's great about IGT's progressive jackpot network is that the prizes just keep on growing each time a spin on their game is made. The jackpot is also available on some of their other titles including Cleopatra and Monopoly, and every time you press that Spin button, a portion goes into the jackpot fund.

You could win the jackpot on any spin as it is randomly triggered. Not even IGT knows when the winning hit will happen!

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29 comments on "Lucky Player wins 1.7M on IGT''s MegaJackpot Progressive slot Cluedo"

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» Lucky Player wins 1.7M on IGT''s MegaJackpot Progressive slot Cluedo

 dule-vu28/04/2022 13:06:06 GMT
you can imagine that luck on his face when he got message on screen with such a big win!no words for this,then congratulations,big congratulations!
 antonis32128/04/2022 13:13:26 GMT
Yeah dule-vu , 2.000.000 € is so much , life changing money for sure . Very lucky guy , maybe one day we will share this luck of his , win a big amount of money , on slots or poker Smile
 dule-vu28/04/2022 13:17:41 GMT
Just that he dont invest this money on games and that he start playing on big limits Big Smile
 lord99609/05/2022 06:10:59 GMT
just mega,fun
 dule-vu09/05/2022 06:22:35 GMT
if you say so....
 geseco1211/05/2022 18:23:57 GMT
another news related to these games where people win big amounts of money, it is always nice to hear or read this kind of news, maybe someday we could be the lucky ones to win these big prizes.
 CALICUL11/05/2022 18:26:32 GMT
These are serious winnings that are not within the reach of every player, but we can also win big bucks if we know how to play and make good wins. Good luck with that.
 geseco1215/05/2022 01:38:40 GMT
It is very true what you say, there are few lucky ones who win millions of dollars with these slot games, it is not easy, but they deserve it because they are the ones who play with big bets and constantly, good luck to all.
 dule-vu15/05/2022 01:38:47 GMT
They are not so often,but when it come,it pay big like this!
 geseco1216/05/2022 03:31:30 GMT
Few are the lucky ones who win millions of dollars with these games, you have to be very lucky to win prizes like these, but also perseverance makes luck come much faster.
 dule-vu16/05/2022 05:00:34 GMT
Ofcourse you must play every day to even have chance to win this kind of jackpot!
 geseco1217/05/2022 03:56:05 GMT
So it is brother, you have to be constant in this type of games, but also be aware that we risk a lot of money, hopefully luck will always be with us and we can someday win something big and share our experience with the community.
 dule-vu17/05/2022 05:02:26 GMT
Depend what you mean by lot of money!for somebody is big amount 10 e,for other 1000 e!
But you must play slots every day!
 geseco1218/05/2022 04:20:22 GMT
Everyone chooses the level they want to play, the most experienced and long-time players know that playing with high stakes can win much more and with more chances of winning large sums of money, millions of dollars are distributed each month in these games.
 dule-vu18/05/2022 05:00:10 GMT
Yes,you are right and now we can write in some other thread!
 geseco1219/05/2022 13:33:59 GMT
every time you play in high stakes you have more chances to win big jackpots and even the jackpot we all want, but you have to know that the room first has to win and then release the prize, but you always have to be consistent, maybe luck will smile on you.
 CALICUL19/05/2022 13:34:23 GMT
this luck is a big problem Aww crap!
 geseco1220/05/2022 15:36:18 GMT
sometimes we wonder why there is luck in other people and not in us, I think the answer is more obvious, they spend a lot of time playing casino games, they have more chances to win, and luck will always smile on them for sure.
 CALICUL20/05/2022 15:42:43 GMT
some are lucky and some are not, but I hope that luck "will enter our street as well". We can win at the casino, but we have to be regular players for more chances. Obviously we have to risk more money for this, but not to lose too much,.up to certain gains that can come,
 geseco1221/05/2022 16:36:42 GMT
You are so right, these players spend a lot of time playing these slot games, that's why their reward is higher, they have more chances to win something big, but also a little bit of luck to hit the jackpot worth millions.
 dule-vu21/05/2022 16:37:52 GMT
Yeah,they spend lot of time and money!
 geseco1222/05/2022 17:33:14 GMT
it is true, it is like an investment that you make in a certain time, but in the end if you are lucky you will be able to win something big in these games, or if not nothing happens we will keep trying.
 CALICUL22/05/2022 17:35:52 GMT
this jackpot is very hard to win, but with a huge luck it could happen. I don't play for such big dreams, but i would like to earn a substantial amount of money sometimes. This is possible, but i have to play,
 geseco1223/05/2022 19:24:03 GMT
dreams can come true, we all want to win the jackpot of the slot games, few are the lucky ones, these games are like that, but it is worth trying, maybe the next winner will be us.
 dule-vu23/05/2022 19:24:10 GMT
If you like it,try this kind of games!

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