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Sweden to ban Autoplay and Reverse Withdrawals

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Posted on 23 September 2022 by "T".

Autoplay and reverse withdrawals will soon be banned in Sweden, according to new rules from gambling regulator Spelinspektionen.

Spelinspektionen, the Swedish Gambling Authority, has published an update of responsible gambling regulations, covering a wide range of areas.

One of these new rules will be a ban on the Autoplay feature for slots. This applies whether it is indefinite or for a defined number of spins.

Autoplay has been previously banned in some other gambling markets, including the UK and Ontario, Canada.

Reverse withdrawals, where players can cancel a withdrawal before the funds arrive in their bank account, will also be banned.

These two rules will not be well-accepted by players, so the body recommended that operators communicate the changes to their players first before they are implemented.

Spelinspektionen said, "It is likely that players who use these features will react to their removal, and it is therefore good to communicate that the change is taking place in light of the fact that these features are risky and coexist with problem gambling."

The new rules also state that licensees must not give players suggestions for their deposit, loss or time limits.

Furthermore, if a player is logged in for more than two minutes on a gaming site without being "active", they must now be logged out, or given an option to ask if they want to remain logged in.

Meanwhile, employee training requirements on responsible gambling matters will be expanded. Training must now also cover the impact of harmful gambling on loved ones, while other aspects of training rules must be reworded to fully clarify the required focus on topics such as game design.

The regulator said, "The purpose of the proposed changes is to strengthen the protection of players and to simplify licensees' work with gambling responsibility by clarifying the requirements."

Players must also have the right to contact operators, while operators must show the logo of self-exclusion scheme Spelpaus.

For retail slots at non-casino locations, Spelinspektionen have included an extra element beyond operators being required to provide players with information on their annual losses when they log in. Players must now confirm if they are still happy to play while these figures are on the screen.

Reporting rules will also change, with operators now required to report the number of players with deposit limits of more than SEK10,000 (£813/€929/$928) per month, and the number of players who reached their time or deposit limits. Operators must also report on the number of players who have returned from self-exclusion.

New Government
The new rules come just days after the results were announced in a historically close Swedish election. Eventually, a right-leaning coalition led by the Moderate Party with support from the Sweden Democrats won control of the Riksdag by three seats.

Before the final results were to be announced, Gustaf Hoffstedt - secretary general of Swedish trade association Branscheforenigen för Onlinespel (BOS) and a former Moderate Party member of the Riksdag, said that the Swedish gambling industry would welcome a new government.

He explained that the parties that will now rise into power had supported more market-friendly concepts such as: a breakup of state-owned Svenska Spel and the relaxation of the country's strict bonus limits.

Also, he said that new marketing rules might be less likely to be approved under the new government.



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9 comments on "Sweden to ban Autoplay and Reverse Withdrawals"

 dule-vu23/09/2022 12:19:29 GMT
sweden really want to ruin everything that is good in gambling at casino sites!we all know good option is to have autoplay,so what to do this to players!other rules also,where you must report player when he make bigger deposit then 929 e per month will just ruin fun and everything about gambling!
 antonis32124/09/2022 08:58:32 GMT
To be logged out during to inactivity is very frustrating , both in poker rooms and casino rooms online . I do not understand how someone will be protected that way for gambling addiction . The only result would be to lose the wagering he has done up to that point in a slot , or lose his patience if he has to log in again and again lol .

I see this feature at PS , a poker room , it does it every 20min not 2-3 Min , but still it's irritating , I have to input again password and reactivate the ''remember password'' feature/option , every fu***** time ........
 dule-vu24/09/2022 09:12:46 GMT
Even I can undestand in some point that they want to set limit for spending in one month,dont undestand why they dont allow to have bets as they want,to have bonuses,autoplay...
 antonis32130/09/2022 00:38:37 GMT
All restrictions are not good , I do not like them , players should have freedom to spend their money as they wish . Governments should only protect customers against scammers , that applies in every business or market and of course in gambling . Some prohibitions are not so harmful , some are . Banning autoplay will hurt some players' game experience . Personally I rarely use autoplay , I like to press the button manually in every spin , that way think that I have a partial control of the game process and experience . I play in the micro stakes and for fun , autoplay would remove this fun from my game , so I rarely use it
 CALICUL30/09/2022 00:51:43 GMT
yeah, it's not good, because restrictions can be bankrupt for some of them...
 Rogerio1001/10/2022 08:26:32 GMT
Yep golden years are far over and rhings going worst every year for every country. Realyy don't understand this aoutobet. How i miss pokerstars 08-09 worldwide player pool. Damn if i know how tihs will end will put more effort in my game and all becouse now it's realyy hard to do money when every time is almost worst news for players. But this reverse whidtraw would save me allot of money. I think i had enough for one way ticket. Sweeden here i coooome. hahha
 dule-vu01/10/2022 08:31:15 GMT
They will ruin casino play with this!
 antonis32103/10/2022 01:18:58 GMT
I remember in the past , everything was accessible , so many options , so many poker rooms or casino sites to play at. , Nowadays there are so many restrictions , bans , regulations . They put everytime new obstacles to players , every fu*"" time and month sth new arises lol .
 dule-vu03/10/2022 01:35:18 GMT
Its sick how they changed everything in just few years!

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