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Research shows the Number of Online Gamblers in Australia have Doubled

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Posted on 29 December 2021 by "T".

Gambling Research Australia (GRA), a partnership between the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments to initiate and manage a national gambling research program, has released their second National Study of Interactive Gambling in Australia (2019-2020). The purpose of the study was to update and expand on a previous study done in 2014, and to evaluate how the interactive gambling environment has changed in the country since that time.

Along with other findings, it has been concluded that the number of online gamblers in Australia has more than doubled in the last 8 years. In the adult population, interactive gamblers comprise a 17.5% segment. Gambling is a popular pastime among men aged 20-49 years. Almost one-third of all gamblers are estimated to bet and play online and continued growth is expected to be seen on both segments.

Conducted by researchers at Central Queensland University, the report used a multi-stage methodology and sources to examine interactive gambling which included a review of literature, national telephone survey, national online survey of gamblers, interviews with online gamblers, environmental scan, longitudinal cohort study, and a compilation of data obtained from gambling help services.

What the Numbers Revealed
A total of 15,000 citizens were surveyed by telephone and 5,019 were surveyed online. Based on the data gathered from the telephone interviews, it discovered that the prevalence of online gambling has increased 9.4% from the 2010 baseline number of 8.1%, more than doubling the number of online gamblers within the study period to 17.5%.

Overall, gambling has dropped from 64.3% level of participation (2010) to 56.9% (2019). However, 41.7% of those who gambled online had played at offshore sites not approved by the Australian government.

While overall gambling activities (sports betting, online casino, online poker) decreased, the study found there was an increased in Aussies who had experience some degree of harm or risk from their gambling behavior over the last decade.

Problem gambling among the population doubled from a measly 0.6% (2010) to 1.23% (2019). Low risk and moderate risk gambling rates remained stable throughout the study period. Interactive gamblers were found to be more prone to develop risk factors, but almost half of them admitted that land-based gambling was the most problematic for them.

What Australians are Playing Online
The results from the online survey revealed that the most popular form of online gambling in Australia was instant scratch tickets, followed by:

  • Instant scratch tickets - 26.3%
  • EGMs - 15.8%
  • Casino games - 15.7%
  • Poker - 15%
  • Bingo -13.9%
  • Skin gambling (virtual goods) - 9%

Meanwhile, the telephone survey revealed lower numbers for the types of online betting that are provided legally in the country:

  • Lotteries - 10.1%
  • Race betting - 5.9%
  • Sports betting - 5.8%

Despite the study being conducted scientifically with reliable methodologies and data, some limitations included oversampling of males, a low response rate, and contacting only mobile numbers in the national telephone survey. In addition, there was the small number of in-person interviews, self-selecting for online survey takers, and the fact that cross sectional data and self-reporting could not be used to establish causality.




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7 comments on "Research shows the Number of Online Gamblers in Australia have Doubled"

 dule-vu29/12/2021 14:21:58 GMT
probably in lot of countries number of gamblers is doubled,like in australia!
 geseco1230/12/2021 03:14:34 GMT
every time the online games are entering the homes of many families, no matter how old you are, the games will always catch you, that is why not only in Australia the number of players is increasing but in other countries as well, they are exciting games that anyone wants to play, hopefully in the future it will be regulated in all countries.
 dule-vu30/12/2021 05:47:58 GMT
you must that some parts of australia were closed for months because of corona,so what people could do then to gamble from home and to spend their money!
 eloy221/01/2022 02:47:28 GMT
What incredible news! That the number of players in Australia has doubled, I think it's good that people come to play these different online games that are super fun and the most important thing is that you earn money, hopefully in other countries it will also increase
 CALICUL21/01/2022 02:53:35 GMT
I hope that the improvement of gambling will be done in all countries, and that what is being done in this case will be equally good for all players. People need stability and security to play more and with confidence.
 eloy227/01/2022 00:44:47 GMT
I hope that in all countries it is the same that games improve so that players worldwide increase and have fun playing online games good luck to each of the players
 CALICUL27/01/2022 00:48:05 GMT
the laws must be made so that everyone can play in the right conditions. United Kingdom is a country with an interesting history and here you can see that. Their players are more protected than in other countries and that is very good

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