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Race Car Driver Christy Georges-Barnett wins over $1M on Vegas Slot Machine

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Posted on 25 October 2023 by "T".

A female race car driver made the headlines on October 20 in social media after she unexpectedly won a massive jackpot in a Las Vegas casino.

Christy Georges-Barnett, age 63, was elated after seeing she had turned her $25 bet into an incredible fortune worth over $1 million while gambling at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas strip.

A bystander managed to catch the moment on video, which showed the new slot millionaire's hands on her head as she paced back and forth, before looking at the people around her and shouting, "It's a million dollars!"

She was seen hugging her husband and the video clip ends with a glimpse of the slot machine, confirming the win amount at $1,185,599.85. 

Christy Georges-Barnett currently races USRA Dirt Mods and Super Trucks. She's also a 4-time Dirt Track Pro Stock Track champion and a 4-time Open Wheel Dirt Modified Track champion, among many other awards. She has also set many records throughout her career - over 35 championships; she has been named the fastest woman in NASCAR when she hit 208 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

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37 comments on "Race Car Driver Christy Georges-Barnett wins over $1M on Vegas Slot Machine"

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» Race Car Driver Christy Georges-Barnett wins over $1M on Vegas Slot Machine

 dule-vu01/11/2023 07:51:27 GMT
Crazy luck!
 propokerash02/11/2023 06:39:53 GMT
Hello and I wish everybody to hit and won big amount of money in one spin, guys ITS WONDERFUL, I felt it on my skin about 4 years ago and I won it at 888 casino with BONUS that they give it to me. Because I never believed that I can won jackpot in slots.
 dule-vu02/11/2023 07:01:23 GMT
good for you Thumbs Up
 geseco1202/11/2023 08:47:47 GMT
this way many times it usually happens, when a person is very lucky there is no one who can prevent it, this person has been lucky enough to win more than a million dollars with these games, that is why congratulations to him.
 dule-vu02/11/2023 08:49:59 GMT
for god sake, learn that this is women, not man or him. O god....
 tomex1102/11/2023 14:43:00 GMT
dule-vu yes, a 63-year-old woman won a big jackpot of over a million dollars. Whether it's a woman or a man, it doesn't make much difference because what counts is winning. The bet wasn't small because the spin was $25. Which is a bit surprising to me that someone accidentally recorded the video.... Anyway, a win that could change her life.
 CALICUL02/11/2023 15:12:56 GMT
unfortunately, mistakes also happen when someone does not read the comments on the thread and this is the situation. We must appreciate this beautiful win that this woman won. A lot of money that will help her more easily in the life she still has.
 geseco1206/11/2023 06:25:34 GMT
to be able to earn that kind of money you have to not only receive the advice but also put it into reality, we have too much information in these games, luck came to this man.
 dule-vu06/11/2023 06:36:07 GMT
How stupid can you be that whole time you write that this is man?
 geseco1207/11/2023 15:20:45 GMT
This 63 year old woman, Christy Georges-Barnett, has been lucky enough to win over 1 million dollars in these slot games at a well known casino, a very happy moment for her, she will surely never forget what happened to her.
 dule-vu07/11/2023 15:20:55 GMT
Yeah woman, finally...
 Gedemonas08/11/2023 00:47:19 GMT
Yeap, finally he correct himself Big Smile
 dule-vu08/11/2023 01:05:08 GMT
Because he just spam to collect 10 points, he doesnt even read!
 geseco1208/11/2023 23:23:40 GMT
this time luck came to this elderly woman, for this there is no age limit, luck can surprise you at any time, that is why we must always try, maybe something similar can happen.
 dule-vu08/11/2023 23:23:56 GMT
How you can learn everything just to collect 10 points...
 geseco1211/11/2023 01:55:28 GMT
sometimes age does not matter when luck wants to give you and help you at that moment, I can't imagine how many times this person has had to play to win that amount of money in these slot games.
 CALICUL11/11/2023 02:10:15 GMT
you are right Thumbs Up
 geseco1213/11/2023 02:49:32 GMT
luck can come at any time, and sometimes it happens to come at the time you least expect it, that's very exciting, we do not know how to explain why it happens, it's the most beautiful thing about playing these slot machine games.
 dule-vu13/11/2023 05:56:30 GMT
When we have so many casinos in las vegas ane such a big number of players that play there, we must get some news about big jackpots! We all how much money is in the game and how much players spend! 25 dollars is big bet per spin and she had luck to hit it! Great win!
 dilave13/11/2023 09:49:53 GMT
I would also like to experience such emotions Smile
 dule-vu13/11/2023 10:07:09 GMT
if you like to play games in live casino, maybe you will win! good luck!
 geseco1214/11/2023 03:07:28 GMT
I only went to the live casino twice in my life, it was a very different experience from what I thought, I liked it a lot, you feel a different atmosphere, it's a pity I live far away from the casino, otherwise I would go very often.
 dule-vu14/11/2023 06:06:51 GMT
 geseco1216/11/2023 04:47:26 GMT
casinos give us players a lot of joy, it feels great to be there, and it feels even better when we win big prizes like this person who won 1 million dollars with these games, good luck to everyone.
 dule-vu16/11/2023 06:13:30 GMT
How that give you joy, when you was only two times in live casino? Dont write just to write for 10 points!

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