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Toronto Man wins $3.2M Jackpot after playing Late Girlfriend's Favorite Slot

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Posted on 17 May 2023 by "T".

Marcelo Loyola, a 50-year-old solutions contractor based in Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, Canada, has won a life-changing $3.2 million progressive jackpot - a win that he credits entirely to his late girlfriend.

He celebrated his 50th birthday on April 2, however tragedy struck when his long-time girlfriend passed away suddenly on April 5. Two weeks later, still feeling down and devastated from the loss, he went to Casino Woodbine, a favorite entertainment venue for both of them.

He said, "She always went upstairs to play the slots, and I would go downstairs to play the tables. We were always there together, and the past couple of weeks have been really hard. That day I just felt her spirit in me, so I went upstairs to play the slots, even though as a table games player I never do that."

After trying out a few different slots, he then decided to play her favorite slot machine. He says they usually see the jackpot building up, but never thought she would win it. Loyola recalled his girlfriend liked to play the game, but had her own style of playing it, "Rather than waiting for the wheels to stop naturally, she would press the button to stop the machine mid-spin in an attempt for the three 'Jackpot' icons to line up." So he did just that, and boy did he win!

Loyola said, "I would always say to her, don't play it like that, just let it spin! But I felt her with me that night, so I played it like she did. I stopped it and it hit! I saw 'Jackpot, Jackpot, Jackpot' and I started screaming that I won the jackpot and running around and going crazy."

The slot machine, Wheel of Fortune by IGT, quickly flashed and displayed the big win, attracting a crowd of curious onlookers and casino staff who were just as delighted as the $3.2 million winner.

"A lot of people at Casino Woodbine know us, and they knew she had just passed away. They were giving me their condolences, and at the same time they were also congratulating me. It's just an incredibly emotional story and it's hard for me to tell it. But I know for a fact she was there with me. It can't be a coincidence."

Robert Katsavelos, Casino Woodbine General Manager commented on the win, "We're thrilled for Marcelo and excited to see him take home such a huge payout, especially after such an emotional time. This is an amazing story in so many ways, and we're glad Marcelo has chosen to share it with us."

While Loyola admits that he's "super happy about winning", he says he wishes his girlfriend was beside him so he could share it, "She would have been overjoyed. She loved the casino and she loved to win."

Loyola plans to buy a new house for his parents, visit his brother and his family in British Columbia, and invest some of the winnings.

"I want to take care of the people I love. My girlfriend and I took care of each other. I loved her so much. She would be so happy."


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33 comments on "Toronto Man wins $3.2M Jackpot after playing Late Girlfriend''s Favorite Slot"

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» Toronto Man wins $3.2M Jackpot after playing Late Girlfriend''s Favorite Slot

 dule-vu21/05/2023 11:52:38 GMT
Great jackpot!
 geseco1222/05/2023 02:57:52 GMT
this can happen to anyone, sometimes in the least expected moments you can manage to take it, this person never in all his life had never thought that he would earn that amount of money.
 dule-vu22/05/2023 05:13:30 GMT
Even better is when you win this kind of amount in live casino!
 geseco1223/05/2023 03:45:07 GMT
I think this happens more often in live casinos than online, it seems to be that way, the more you play the more chances, so far I have seen bigger prizes in live casinos.
 dule-vu23/05/2023 05:13:07 GMT
It this kind of big casinos its normal to have this kind of jackpots!
 geseco1224/05/2023 04:32:11 GMT
It is normal for casinos to be able to hand out this amount of money every year, but for those who are not normal are the players who are lucky enough to win this, a crazy prize.
 dule-vu24/05/2023 05:01:21 GMT
Dont understand this post at all, who are not normal...
 reg6325/05/2023 21:40:15 GMT
it's cool, I'm very jealous and I congratulate
 CALICUL25/05/2023 22:07:58 GMT
you don't have to be jealous
 geseco1227/05/2023 22:43:22 GMT
luck is like that, we should not be envious of anyone, people who win this money in these games are deserved, they spend many years playing this, and in one of them you can play.
 CALICUL27/05/2023 22:48:42 GMT
I'm not envious, but i'm disappointed by several things. I think an expert could explain something to me, but i don't know where to find him and i don't know if he will want to share some useful secrets. Maybe through a friend i will be able to learn more and i will like slots more than at this moment. I'm not thinking of millions like this winner, but at least it should be something nice.
 geseco1202/06/2023 04:17:49 GMT
you are very right my friend, sometimes we do not expect to win millions of dollars because it is almost impossible to get it, but at least win small jackpots that insentiben to continue playing.
 dule-vu02/06/2023 05:19:55 GMT
if you play from time to time some jackpots slots, maybe you will have luck to hit something, no matter how big jackpot it is! but ofcourse this is for players who play on this kind of slots and can pay on bigger stake, not just small one's! somehow I dont think that you like this kind of slots or to play on stakes that this players are!
 geseco1203/06/2023 04:49:08 GMT
I will always say that these players deserve it, it is not easy to be able to play slots at high stakes, sometimes there will be days when you will lose a lot of money, that is why this is for brave people.
 dule-vu03/06/2023 06:42:23 GMT
well if you look on that way, then most of gamblers deserve to win this kind of jackpots, because lot of them or at least half play on big stakes or 10, 20 per bet, so when you look at your words, then every of them deserve to win! ofcourse how then would casino earn money! thats why we have few of winners per year at some casino, local, online, no matter which!
 subsonic03/06/2023 09:22:20 GMT
an interesting and heartwarming but sad story! he thought he would play a slot machine in memory of his girlfriend to honour her memory and he played like her! I'd like to think that the Good lord and or his girlfriend took care of him like that, even though everyone knows full well that it won't bring his girlfriend back! Sad I hope he gives his girlfriend's family some of the winnings! Smile
I cannot be disputed that he deserved to win that Jackpot! Heart Heart
 CALICUL03/06/2023 10:14:19 GMT
maybe the spirit of his friends helped him to win or who knows. There are still paranormal things that have helped people in difficult situations and this proves that it is possible for any of us to experience something paranormal in our lives. Not necessarily a win at slots, but something serious that can save our lives, for example. Anyway, good luck for good money.
 Scorpion228803/06/2023 11:36:04 GMT
This is yes Shock Shock Shock Thumbs Up Worship
 dule-vu03/06/2023 11:38:12 GMT
He,he Big Smile
 ggusia03/06/2023 13:16:34 GMT
You could say it's a sad story with a happy ending. However, on the other hand, no amount of money will bring this girl back to life, and it will not give him relief from grief and sadness. Definitely his game was due to the fact that he wanted to forget about this difficult situation and did not expect himself to win. Well, these things usually happen when you least expect it.
 CALICUL03/06/2023 13:49:23 GMT
this is the situation, but in the end this win is a very big one and for this reason there are many slot players. People dream of big or important prizes and there are chances every day to win them. Congratulations to this winner.
 geseco1206/06/2023 23:48:49 GMT
every time news like this comes out the players play more, it is as if it was a motivation, it makes you believe that the next lucky one can be you, that is why every year more players join this community.
 CALICUL07/06/2023 00:21:25 GMT
if there were nice jackpots in the slot games and not necessarily with winnings of millions, it would be excellent. There would very often be players who would win and people would play in large numbers. I hope this happens because this solution would bring more players to play.
 antonis32107/06/2023 19:56:42 GMT
sad is this loss he suffered , but its part of life unfortunately . on the other hand this great win is awesome , lifechanging for sure as it is said at the article . more than threee million dollars , thats crazy win , congratulations , he can buy many things , play any games he wants at the casino or elsewhere , his bankroll now is big
 CALICUL07/06/2023 20:18:44 GMT
there are many people with sad stories, but this is part of the fate of humanity, because we all have one or more tragedies at some point in our lives. That's it and he has to continue his life with this win...

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