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Good Morning Everybody,

I played a MTT earlier this week.
No good hands at all for me in the first 45 minutes.
Then i got AA in early position. 3x BB raise.
call from the guy to my right.
All-In from the Big Blind.
guy to the right also All-In.

both of them are holding JJ.
So it is AA against JJ and JJ.

Flop is Q Q 10
Turn 9
River K

wtf? Worst thing ever happend to me. How many % was the straight for the donk's ?

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trust me it can be worser!

sorry i just edit my post, i was holding Aces.

@nebu really ? can't imagine...

you leave your house and get run over by a bus, but the driver didnt see you and there was no one on the bus so you lie there on the ground and bleed to death through your anus and whats that omg RATS! Big Smile

its just money and you can win it back! so dont worry about it, its poker dude!

every player reminds his biggest losses and badest beats but the winnings they forget fast about em! you all complain about loosing and bad bad bad bad ass beats and the world and poker goods are so unfair, but none about winning?

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well for your case it kinda sucks... but hey i have also lost my share of 96% to win pots hehehe.... when that happen its just sad as hell and get ready something to do with your tilt before u continue your game... Disagree

Posted by paldcs:
. How many % was the straight for the donk's ?

You had a 95% chance of winning the hand (preflop).

You had 95 percent to win that pot it means if you have 100 AA and the donkeys have 100 JJ and JJ you will win 95 pot and you will lose 5 pots. So if you see to the future you will win 95 * 2 buy-ins and you will lose 5 * 1 buy-ins. So you will win a lot of money 180 buy-ins. good luck at the tables. Smile

I will give you an advice with aces...! I have seen many players, in both cash ring games and Sit-n-Go tournaments, get a big pair and play the hand completely wrong. There is no perfect way to play any hand--it all depends on the table you're playing on and your knowledge of how your opponents bet and how they will react to a bet. But there is a very good way to play these big starters.Repeat this to yourself over and over: I will NOT limp in with Aces or Kings. Limping in only lets the rest of the table see a cheap flop, and if anyone sees a flush or straight draw, they may be likely to stick around for another card, regardless of its cost. Raises of two or three times the blinds is likely to be seen as value added for playable hands like suited connectors and pocket pairs below TT. Therefore, your first objective is to thin the field as much as possible. Anything from five times the big blinds to about half of your stack should be moved in pre-flop. Almost every poker book recommends playing these cards in a way similar to this. Yet few people do. Don't get gun-shy. Most likely, you'll get the hand head to head with AK, KQ, or QQ. Almost all other hands will fold. If you're holding Kings and the flop doesn't bring the dreaded Ace, you need to move yourself all in, or bet enough to move your opponent all in if he calls. If you're holding Aces and the flop doesn't present a straight draw, flush draw or big pair (KK, QQ, JJ, TT), move all in or bet enough to move your opponent all in with a call. Once an Ace-less flop hits, KK is probably way ahead and going all in here is a good bet.Howard Lederer says you have to protect Aces like you would your firstborn child. This is exactly what this betting strategy is designed to do. You don't want drawing hands to even see the flop, and once you've dodged the flop, you don't want your opponent to suck out by double-pairing the board or catching a set on the turn or the river. They may call your bets, and they may well catch the cards they need to crack your big pair. But more times than not, they will either lay it down or miss their cards, and you'll scoop the pot.

Posted by oli277:
Anything from five times the big blinds to about half of your stack should be moved in pre-flop. Almost every poker book recommends playing these cards in a way similar to this.

There is no f***** way a book will teach you to put in half your stack preflop with a big pair. Only Phil Laak does this.

Posted by oli277:
I will give you an advice with aces...

...and another one that knows hoe to copy and paste...
I read some other posts of this "author" and now I just wonder: which book is it? Tongue

You can't imagine get a worse bad beat?

Dude.. Enjoy this one:

Me: AA

Villain: ??

Board: A99

Me: min. bet -> he raises 4x my min. bet -> I reraise 8x after timebank slowplay -> he's all in -> I call

Turn: 7

River: 7

He shows: 77

So getting RUNNER RUNNER 7's by holding 77 is 0,1%. So 99,8% for me cuz of another 0,1% for tie.. convince urself if you don't trust these numbers by using a odds calc ^^

OUCH thats harsh....
I bet you was whooping when you saw they had JJ each (bonus)
But the flop was a nightmear that just got worse and worse.
Thats a hard one to take.
What site was it on that sounds like something you would get on party???
Did it knock you out?
Did you have them covered?

95% fave preflop:

{ AA } 95.249%
{ 99 } 02.375%
{ 99 } 02.375%

Probably 1 in 900, or something like that to make a straight... Too tired to do the actual calc...

that's fairly sick bro.

the old poker odds calculator agrees with klopmand
2.3% chance of the straight
and a 1% chance for either of the flushes coming that you don't have.

There are worse, but not many.

yeah i know it after the break i become ace´s make a raise and two player go all in

AA vs AA vs KK

and on the fuckin river the King

but i win two times with Ak vs AA vs KK

flop was two times the straight

thats poker

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