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I am planning a trip at the end of the month to Las Vegas. I found this little bit on yahoo so I decided to copy/post it in a thread for BRM members. I am in no way bashing any of these cities or spamming for the authors. If admin wants to edit the name of the company go ahead, I only included it so members know where the source came from. But take this info with you anywhere you go, not just these cities. This is just a cropped version, if you want more details just go on yahoo and look.

The 10 worst cities for pickpockets
TripAdvisor travellers and editors have compiled a list of ten cities where pickpockets are most likely to strike. Visitors would do well to watch their bags in major European cities, where many popular outdoor attractions are tourist havens - and prime targets for purse-snatchers.
“Pickpocketing is a true art and whilst thieves can strike anywhere, home or abroad, tourist hot-spots often yield far richer-pickings. The combination of an awe-struck traveller and a bag bulging with local currency, not to mention passports, cameras and credit cards, is an appealing prospect for any light-fingered thief,” said Amelie Hurst, TripAdvisor spokeswoman.
1. Barcelona, Spain
2. Rome, Italy
3. Prague, Czech Republic
4. Madrid, Spain
5. Paris, France
6. Florence, Italy
7. Buenos Aires, Argentina
8. Amsterdam , Netherlands
9. Athens , Greece
10. Hanoi , Vietnam

damn, I'm very angry ... Angry Angry
Spain has beaten Italy ..... what a shame for our thieves Angry

I can talk about rome and can confirm that, expecially around main touristic location and on public bus or metro conducing to those locations.

but I have to say that most of them are not italian people (expecially the children ones)

Moscow is not on the list? WTF

Posted by schmoyster:
Moscow is not on the list? WTF

nah, too many empty pockets there, Putin cs already emptied them out Evil

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