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Hi guys.

I have got $20 on Titan Poker. Getting $10 on bigbet poker.....thats processing at the moment. And on another bankroll site im getting $50 on Absolute Poker.

Once before on another site I had $50 on party Poker and was stupid and went to the 0.50/1.00 dollar tables cash tables and lost the lot within a few days haha.

Now I am not a bad player...I was just stupid that time.

Whats the best way in me going about building up my bankroll?

I enjoy sitngos and tournaments more than cash tables if im honest.....and believe i am better at those than the cash games.

Any advice would be much appreicated.

Thank you.

If you are better at SnGs and tourneys, play those. With that small bankroll you should stay at SnGs untill you made a bit more money. At big bet the SnGs start at 11cent. So you would have a lot of buy ins, even wit only $10 to start with. Traffic for SnGs is not that high tho.

ok....i just played 2 double up sitngo's and doubled up in 1 so still got the same amount of money. Are these good for building ur bankroll?

Usually the double up sitngo's are a good way to build a roll. But only if you can play a few of them at the same time.

DoNs are very save to build a roll but it goes very slow so like Shokaku said u need to multi them.
DoNs are very easy to multi, just play uber tight and play monsters agressiv Thumbs Up

I started at BBPoker with also the $10. Played 2 $1 SnG DoN simultaniously. After reaching $40, i switched to the $2 SnG DoN's. After reaching $80 i switched to the $3 SnG DoN's. Now i'm at a BR of more than $100. It works ^^

I think the SnG DoN are not so risky and easy to win. Only be patient ^^ For me, this is the best way to increase my BR

agree, at bbp at first play dons, when you have at least 100$ or so.. then go for higher stakes or play cash, because clearing bonus is way easier in cash games, as points counts faster.. i played dons, then started cash, now i have about 400$ at big bet poker.. gl with your bankroll

BankrollMob Forum » Poker Forum » Strategy to build bankroll.

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