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  21-Oct-09, 19:43   #1
what a day 0 

Joined: Sep '08
Location: Belgium
Age: 33 (M)
Posts: 442
Wauw, I just lost half of what wat left of my bankroll Shock in around 1k hands. Confused. Unbelievable, got my pocket Aces cracked 5 times, pocket Kings 4 times, had hit 4 sets, all got cracked on the river by runner flush or straight.

was playing 20NL and 20PLO, at PLO I got my set of A's cracked by a guy who misclicked and called my all in, and he ended up hitting runner runner straight, WTF !!!. At VC they show your percentages as to win the hand. 2/3 of the hands I was 90% to 10% to win the hand, and I lost them all Sad I really don't know what's going on, but what used to be a very healthy bankroll has now been demoted to a bankroll good for playing 5NL.

I tought I finally was back at my A game after a losing streak of about 4 months (losing 3/4 of my original bankroll). And now this happens, I'm just gonna wait for my rakeback ( 1 month from now) and quit online poker for a while.

Gonna get drunk now, good luck to all of you, and I really hope you got a little bit more luck then I do.

  21-Oct-09, 19:51   #2

Joined: May '08
Location: Germany
Age: 55 (M)
Posts: 6704
Outsch. Shock

Take a break from poker and get your head free. A good drink is the first step. Smile

And after you have the rakeback in your account go and crush those donks.

  21-Oct-09, 19:58   #3

Joined: Mar '09
Location: Canada
Age: 32 (M)
Posts: 3199
good drink is first second and third step lol then crush those donks...lost some money last night too..playin 10-25cent blinds..first raise made pot about 3$ i reraised to 7$ buddy calls...i have AA pot comes 279 rainbow..he raised i reraised...this went on on the turn and river next 2 cards were 77 and the donk showed 79 givin him quads...donno why he called my 7$ raise but anyways lol

  21-Oct-09, 21:22   #4
Joined: Apr '08
Location: Italy
Age: 54 (M)
Posts: 1955
Unfortunately happens, but not in a so short time.
Too many big hands cracked....
When I have a wrong day like yours I personally prefer to stop playing poker and to spend the rest of day with my kids or doing something else Blink Blink
Try tomorrow and give up biers Tongue

  21-Oct-09, 21:25   #5

Joined: Sep '08
Location: Belgium
Age: 33 (M)
Posts: 442
1. don't have any kids so, that's not really an option Tongue
2. to late to give up the beer, it went straight to the brain
3. I stopped playing poker for the day, but it was to late Aww crap! Big Smile

  21-Oct-09, 21:29   #6

Joined: May '09
Location: India
Age: 33 (M)
Posts: 4873
omg thats too much bad luck for 1 day, break is exactly what u need. those donks can't escape they can't get lucky everyday.
hope you get enough rakeback to help you play at same limits you lost.

  21-Oct-09, 21:58   #7

Joined: Jan '09
Location: Italy
Age: 49 (M)
Posts: 3851
it's always sad hear these kind of storys,
when I get unlucky I feel impotent against cards,
I ask myself why servers seem to help donks.

enjoy your break weakminded

we all wish u the best luck

  22-Oct-09, 04:49   #8
Joined: Aug '09
Location: Chile
Age: 33 (M)
Posts: 1353
Donks and variance are our worst enemies. Don get too dissapointed. Take a break, don't play poker for a while and come back with energies. If you could make a nice bankroll oncem you can do it again.


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