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Wauw, I just lost half of what wat left of my bankroll Shock in around 1k hands. Confused. Unbelievable, got my pocket Aces cracked 5 times, pocket Kings 4 times, had hit 4 sets, all got cracked on the river by runner flush or straight.

was playing 20NL and 20PLO, at PLO I got my set of A's cracked by a guy who misclicked and called my all in, and he ended up hitting runner runner straight, WTF !!!. At VC they show your percentages as to win the hand. 2/3 of the hands I was 90% to 10% to win the hand, and I lost them all Sad I really don't know what's going on, but what used to be a very healthy bankroll has now been demoted to a bankroll good for playing 5NL.

I tought I finally was back at my A game after a losing streak of about 4 months (losing 3/4 of my original bankroll). And now this happens, I'm just gonna wait for my rakeback ( 1 month from now) and quit online poker for a while.

Gonna get drunk now, good luck to all of you, and I really hope you got a little bit more luck then I do.

Outsch. Shock

Take a break from poker and get your head free. A good drink is the first step. Smile

And after you have the rakeback in your account go and crush those donks.

good drink is first second and third step lol then crush those donks...lost some money last night too..playin 10-25cent blinds..first raise made pot about 3$ i reraised to 7$ buddy calls...i have AA pot comes 279 rainbow..he raised i reraised...this went on on the turn and river next 2 cards were 77 and the donk showed 79 givin him quads...donno why he called my 7$ raise but anyways lol

Unfortunately happens, but not in a so short time.
Too many big hands cracked....
When I have a wrong day like yours I personally prefer to stop playing poker and to spend the rest of day with my kids or doing something else Blink Blink
Try tomorrow and give up biers Tongue

1. don't have any kids so, that's not really an option Tongue
2. to late to give up the beer, it went straight to the brain
3. I stopped playing poker for the day, but it was to late Aww crap! Big Smile

omg thats too much bad luck for 1 day, break is exactly what u need. those donks can't escape they can't get lucky everyday.
hope you get enough rakeback to help you play at same limits you lost.

it's always sad hear these kind of storys,
when I get unlucky I feel impotent against cards,
I ask myself why servers seem to help donks.

enjoy your break weakminded

we all wish u the best luck

Donks and variance are our worst enemies. Don get too dissapointed. Take a break, don't play poker for a while and come back with energies. If you could make a nice bankroll oncem you can do it again.


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