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Party is terrible, go to Bodog, Bodog is class especially if you like omaha. It's full of fishies as well so happy days Big Smile Big Smile

Posted by Predobar:
Dont like tourneys on Cake because they have late registration period until 1st break so even if some tournament is freezeout it looks like rebuy because of all the late registrants.

and they don't have much players too, so the entry fee for guaranteed is also high compared to ftp

Posted by Mast3rKush:
Posted by jessthehuman:

PKR is where I play and it's thought to be among the softest of todays generation, however you're either gonna love or hate the software. It's a mighty big change from any other. Also - worst software EVER for multi-tabling (although do-able - up to 4 tables) - PKR also has a rakeback offer via BRM - which STARS will never offer.

Yeah what is up with PKR's multitabling?! I have to keep checking what my cards are on each table & its pretty damn annoying lol dunno how you'd manage on that, nice software but slow play & wierd multitabling has disuaded me from depositing there...

Yeah, actually recently they introduced tables with cards "face up" however, it is cash games only and only stakes NL50 and above. I generally only multi-table 2 tables for cash games on PKR if I'm playing under NL50, however, i dont mind 3-4 tables of NL50 with face up cards.

Also, not so bad for MTTs etc, since you're not playing that many hands anyhow. but a few times I've made the mistake of joining say 4 SNGs at once and it's all fine for the first half, but when you're down to say the last 3 ppl on all 4 tables at once, it is a little hectic. Simiarialy, it is ok multi-tabling DoNs since you dont play many hands and it's never shorthanded.

But yeh, multi-tabling is PKRs MASSIVE downfall.

I've decided to trial a month over @ iPoker and see how it goes, now all I need is a rakeback account... Anyone know which Skin offers the best one?

Can't see any iPoker offers @ BRM Sad

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BankrollMob Forum » Poker Forum » Thinking about moving my roll....

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