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That´s it, blocked my poker account!  0   
Only for 1 week though =). so now all i have to do is not deposit any money on any of my other accounts. Iv´e had a few pretty bad days now without losing all that money, but getting bad beats in annoying positions, place 5 in mtt etc etc. then came today, it´s rare i lose this much money without being drunk or playing extremely poor. ive been playing freaking brilliant but i just kept losing. nuts after nuts after nuts on the turn getting busted on unreal rivers. i know thats poker but sometimes you gotta say NO!!!! and after an all day poker session, a busted keyboard and a broken (im not sure yet ill know tommorow) hand ive freakin had it for this week =)

so gl at the tables mates i´ll cya in 7 days.............

I instantly regret my decission but its irrevokable =)

Some times the nuts suck.
Enjoy your time off.
And when you come back hope you storm the tables.

yeah I hear you been there done that, almost cost my self a computer the other day taking a sick beat on the river,It just sucks when the wins are far and few a apart,but its poker, we must just try again,and again...... Aww crap!

But I think you ll be back at the tables soon enough you just need to take a couple or even a few days off from playin poker trust me its good when you stay away for a few days,I ve had to do that on occasion, just stop playin for a few days..... Smile

well done ... hope after the break things improve.....going to be a long week computer broke recently and had no poker for two weeks..... it was cruel....but a least you should be looking forward to playing again after the break

Outsch. Evil

Just hope nothing is broken in your hand.

Enjoy your week off, come back with new motivation and crush those donks.

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It s going to be a long seven days... I know it cuz I did the same thing once Tongue But good luck for ur return. Hope u go big Worship

Best thing your doing is taking the week off IMO. It's always helped me to take a couple of days off when ive had running days of blowing 30% of my BR, & it's not really the coolers that kill it, but the playing while being angry & tilted but as soon as i take 2 or 3 days off, i come back & usually make it all back in the first & second day while on a clear head, so im sure you'll get back on top of it if you avoid the tilt Thumbs Up

I feel for you. Have had a couple of bad days myself. When I'm in a coinflipsituation, I might as well log out, there's no way I'm gonna win it. Think I lost about 12 50/50:s in a row. 70/30, I got a slim chance of winnig, but it is slim. If I have like 87/13 or maybe 95/5, that's a coinflip for me nowadays.

Aww crap!

Enjoy your week off, come back with better motivation and new kekyboard Big Smile
wish you the best of luck! Dollar

I'm finding some of the comments here both amusing Big Smile but also a bit shocking. Shock .I mean breaking your hand/computer because of a bad beat?? Its a bit severe no? Kinda defeats the purpose of playing poker for fun or money. If I ever got this bad I'd say I'd just quit Big Smile

Just forget anything related to poker this week off. It will be good for you to take a rest after variance hit you. If you want to play because you cannot control your impulse, just take a sit in play money table hahahaha.

Big Smile

Gl. man . I hope you come back with a nice upswing.

yea.. u can buy a new keyboard..
but you cant buy a new hand.. 0.0
take care dont let those impulse get you..

think you took a good decision to take a break from poker rather than going on tilt and losing. hope that when u come after break you win back what you lost during ur downswing

Just learn to control your money -.- have some will Smile
But if thats what you have to do, then its a good move ofcourse

its luck 4 u because u just stop loosing Worship now u stay some day without hell playing Aww crap! and u improve your nervs ....
after several day your playing must change u ll start control money and dont loose all if bad day come ......
u must learn on this situation and dont do any mistakes like that in future
so good luck then back on the table Tongue

Always best to just know when to stop if you know you'll continue to spew money. Hope your situation improves.

Prehaps try the playmoney tables? Big Smile

I know that had self make 2 time outs for 3 month and say i dont play poker anymore Smile
but i love the game it´s a up and down that´s poker
hope u hand is not broken

I will never block my accounts..'
'if you dont want to play...
just dont.. Smile


Very well done. Its the better way to take a break without posibilyties of regret. Have fun of this week and get a good comeback.



Glad you found a spare keyboard because you are able to write this thread Blink

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