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Had a bit of a downswing the last couple of days. Pretty big accually but that stuff happens so it´s ok. I entered an MTT today and im telling you, ive never had a better run of cards. I hit AA two times, KK two times and QQ two times all in the first hour. Seriously, ive checked my hand history all in the first hour. I lost them all except for one of the QQ. And i was all in on half of them preflop. Now im still alive because i was running against pretty lowstacks and in between im hitting hands too.

One thing leads to another and finnally we are 20 left. I S**T YOU NOT i lost another KK vs KQos (the dude says he has to leave anyways and then makes the call and hits four of a kind queens) and im a lowstack. couple of hands later i hit AKsuited, nothing to do but push and im up against 1010. he hits ANOTHER four of a kind. This is the kind of stuff that makes you wonder if this fucking b******t aint rigged. anyways i cashed out my remainders and blocked my account on that site. thats fuckin it. ive taken and handed out some badbeats in my life but this has gone to far.

Im sick to my freaking belly. its simply not plausible to lose that amount of hands. when your running as good as i was your supposed to go up. no more, no more poker. Playing poker used to make me, win or lose, happy. it does not anymore. it makes me angry. so im gonne try to gambling all togheter. that s**t is freaking unreal.

and please, dont tell me something like "you win some you lose some" "thats variance for you" "well you were extremely lucky to begin with catching high end hands on almost every hand for 1 hour straight" I know. doesnt change a god damn thing.

o and btw, out of the last 9 players in the tournament, i had 4 of them all in with higher PP preflop. I had the chipleader all in post flop with my 56s hearts with a flop of 4h6s7h vs his AKos and he hits an ace on the river.

edit: im sry i only hit KK once during the first hour

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Come on. Didn't you see the WSOP final table? Tourney poker is luckbox poker. Accept that. But did you play on an Ongames skin?

pretty sure i didnt Smile. im just a bit steamed now. of course im not going to quit playing poker. im still a winning player all in all and i guess i just have to remind me of that fact. pretty useless thread Smile sorry about the whine but i felt the need to vent mates.

i checked its not part of ongame, why?

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That is pretty sick, i must admit, but be happy that this happened to you in a tourney & not in a cash game were running that bad with those sort of hands could cost a hell of alot of money, but instead you just dropped the 1 buyin for that tourney, unlucky.

yea i know. i accually (how do you spell that word?) went on playing on my original site and i trippled up in the cash game 30 sec ago so im happy again Smile

the first price in that tourney would have been pretty ncie though.

Actually nothing special in your situation. Every experienced online poker player can tell story like yours. I had more worse situations like beating my AA vs 92 on final table Aww crap! that's online poker!!!

yea 1 hand thats sick dude SICK!!!!!!! my point being i hit more hands then what should be allowed. who cares about 1 bad beat. and i´d like to hear the story about your AA vs 92. Im guessing you both didnt shove pre with huge stacks right?

i guess your right, there is nothing special about hitting AA,AA,KK,QQ,QQ and a bunch of AKs AQs in the same tournament during 1 hour? And pretty much getting all in vs one enemy on everything and losing them all except for 1? Im guessing thats happened to you a bunch of times? now i dont play that much. but im guessing im atleast a million hands now. im not saying thats much im just saying its never happened to me before.

Yeah my hand with AA vs 92 was very strange. I was on a BB everyone folded but SB putted ALL-IN. I was very disappointed when he got 3 of a kind Angry btw this was at BWIN(ongame)

You ran bad, it happens unfortunately...

I've played in tourneys where I've got my money in with the worst of it pre only to suck out, time and time again. I'm sure it'll happen to you too, if hasn't already Blink

Just yesterday I got my stack in with a set of 3's on a AJ3 flop, the d**k calls me with 44 and it came runnerrunner 4's. A little bit of puke came up but I just got back on with it Smile

of course it has happened. lots of times. thats just poker. you cant do anything but put the money in when your a favourite and hope for the best. but during 1 hour man, ever happened to you? that many quality hands and losing such a big amount of them in such a short time Smile

but yea it happens.....i guess -.-

*removed* by me. bah is all.

Since this is now the the vent thread - man oh man, i just stacked off another 200BB's 2day at NL25 on ipoker, set of 55's losing to set ACES! So sick & in an unraised multiway pot(!!!) Never seen anybody play aces so bad from late position lol. Thats twice in 2 days ive stacked off 200BBs after doubling my buyin & then running into some badass cooler Arrrghhh s**t. The funny thing is ive been running hot on FTP, but keep gettin coolered on ipoker. Vent over.
Ah well I got the next 2 weeks on holiday so not even guna think about any poker, just looking forward to havin a gd time with my gf, & hopefully come back with a clear head & hot game. Thumbs Up

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