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You will never ever win?

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Warning for Lucky Red Casino,,,  +1   
Got $ 20 that I managed to win $ 268 in after many hours of play on div. slots ..
Deposited the $ 20 because then I could take out the entire profit as support as I chatted with say ..
Work in sending in ID Counting Bill and filling in a so-called. Intenet form which I faxed back ..
Today they had removed $ 268 from my account
because I had played one spinn at the roulette for.1$
I had not followed their rules they said .. So after all the work I could only Chas out my deposit $ 20
Holy s**t so amazingly stupid, so I have no words .. But I will not play there any more there is one thing thats for sure,,,
Hell is kind off angry now .. "#¤%(/))=/¤#! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

Edited by fejset (14 December 2009 @ 17:23 GMT)

Allways make a copy of the chat!

Allways follow the rules of a bonus. The casinos are waiting for a misstep to save them from paying players.

OMG what a BS.

Can you do anything about this or not?

oh dear thats not good
If you didnt read all the small print its totaly down to you....harsh but true.
Did you think thay would just give out free cash like to everyone how can play slots? They dont even like to give out cash to those who deposit there own cash so you had no chance from the word go im afraid.
They will f**k you every time with some kind of clause...hehe
But rules are rules as they say.
Sorry you wasted a day and all but totaly down to you my friend. Disagree

Blame yourself for playing casino ... if i were you i wouldnt be the least worried about losing the 20 $, but giving away even a small part (i hope you deleted all the important numbers on your ID card and also drew a line over your eyes) of your ID card to some guys who are absolutely 100% criminal would put a sleepless night in my account.

You can only imagine what they can do to you if you didnt erase all the sensitive information showing on your ID card, wich i HIGHLY doubt you did just because you didnt even have the patience to read thru the terms and conditions ...

There simply isnt any free lunches out there ... (except brm) Smile

For about a year ago, i won a jackpot(around $13K) at some stupid rival casino. Same thing happened to me, and i did not get ONE cent. After that day, i have never accepted any form of casino bonus. I play whit my own money ONLY!

all casino are rigged, that's the point, when they dont f**k you with their rigged games, they f**k you with their term and conditions changing everytime they need.
Don't play casino, u got the point.

yeah the f***ing casino´s over 1000$ they not paid me on differnt site´s.But i lost only 100$ the rest was ND money.
I have a few casino they have paid me without trouble till yet.
But i think is a question of time when i get trouble
On one site i was a member for over 2 years and make a few cashout´s without trouble the highest was 500$ but on my last cashout for 280$ they give me not the money and no answer on my emails
dammed casino mafia you can deposit without trouble but withdraw´s u got many trouble Aww crap!

I cashed out 7000$ from CDPoker that I won on the slot with my free 50$ Smile

just needed to make 2 deposits minimum 10$

CD Poker is not a casino,so you can not comparet it whit this thing,cd poker is poker room and casino,and this completely different ,hope you resolve that sh.. and get your money back...they fucked me once to....and I didnt get that money

Nope, its not a casino, but they have slots, same sh Smile

i feel verry sorry for you ... i would be upset and disapointed also but on the other hand you can be ( lucky ) that it was a cheap lesson for the future when you start to play again in a casino and take advanced of the bonus ... you will now keep a better eye on the casino rules when you accept a bonus .


Well your problem is a little unusual,

since so much money if you won you should have it,

but if you still have the money I suppose that you have to give,

because you earned it.

Typical of casino bonuses. I've given up on them, it is usually the promise of big monies, but once you get to see the playthrough requirements and the such, the expected loss of that playthrough is way bigger than the bonus, no matter which game you play...or else they come up with shady ToS like this one

Until now i never ver won somethin at casinopages to cash out, cause i lost it all inbefore Blink everthing on Heart what comes Spade ....cheers...good bye Worship

Finally when you won something and u should be happy u had broken the rule and lost it...
Omg your the the most unlucky guy i think ^^.
Btw did you know about that rule? Or did it was only on some terms which are 10 pages long and nobody read them?

You should never say never. This is kind of like teen people speaking, but you never know when your time comes. Sometimes i also think its impossible to win money playing online games, but the truth is, i have some friends enjoying big online money made playing so, they are my example, and that is something i fight for.
Never give up, soldier!

Give up these sh** games, play hold'em and keep on be the donator you really are Tongue Tongue no, seriously I think casino games are a waste of time and money: too many rules to follow to be sure to be paid ( if wins, of course ), too many chances to lose, you don't play against men but against a software.... Thumbs Down Thumbs Down


You have learn a good lesson: never deposit in Casino sites. Never broke his stupid rules and always contact to support before do anything with your winnnings.

Bye and aces for all!!

ye again they sucks and give home his money Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
stupid move 4 them its really amazing that they want they do and dont keen on us poker players Aww crap! Aww crap!
hate that stupid ............ poker rooms

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