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Will I have my 500 Euro at the 24th?

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My own christmas gift  0   
I deposited 10 days ago 10 euro at a poker room, first days went very fine and I was soon at 70 Euro. 2 days ago I started to play 5 card Omaha, which doubled up my bankroll to 140 Euro. Now I am looking forward to have 500 at the 24th. What do you think will I work this out?

Its makable at this speed, but be careful to the swing, things can happens very fast (i mean, some bad beats and its all over..)
anyway, good luck Blink Thumbs Up Dollar

What's 5 card Omaha?. It sounds pretty swingy tho so you might need some luck to get there. Best of luck with it anyway and let us know how it goes. Smile

Heck, mate, there's so many things that are playing a role in such a challenge, but you took of with a nice start, that's for sure.
I can only wish you the best of luck in getting there. But sure, I think you can do it Blink

yes .. with omaha you can make it or you go broke.. there are very very big swings at omaha

beware of omaha its very hard to build a solid bankroll on it because of the huge swings you can have on this game type.

Anyway if you keep running fine, you should be able to do it

difficult i think u can take the 500€ but not on 24.
when u make a date when u wil reach the 500 u will win to get the money on this date.
And maybe when u lost a few hands u lost the control then u only thinking i will the money on 24.
Better u play good poker and get the money when the time is maybe tommorow or maybe in january

5 card omaha is the same as omaha, just with 5 cards instead of 4.
I already noticed that is really swingy. In one session it can easily go up 30 or 40 Euro but also easily go down 20 euro. But all in all I did very well the last 500 hands. I will update here tomorrow after some
hundred hands more.
I play without thinking that I need to have the money on 24th, so question is more like do you think I will get before 24th or after this date? Big Smile
Now it is time to make some Dollar Cool

omaha is a game that can eat you alive if you don't play it right (ask isildur1 Big Smile). More so this 5-card variant you speak of, if I understand correctly what it is about

Honestly no i dont think you will do this as you have not shown any kind of bankroll managment.
You are presuming you can play at any level and win...granted so far this is true but do you think it will be so up the levels?
Dont get me wrong i wish my fellow mobster good luck and i do hope you can get to your target but dont forget it does get a little harder each time you climb up.
I think you will go broke trying to reach your goal. Big Smile

Congrats, nice efford in such short time. If I am right 5-card Omaha originates in France, "Courchevel" (if my spelling is right too), and the right way to play it, is always "go for the nuts" or as close as you can get.
Twice a month I play all poker-varities, including 6-card Omaha with 2 ! flops, lol

alright had now another 1 hour session, first I have thrown away 2 buy ins, but stand up from the table with more than 3 buy ins.
I am using bankroll management Smile although it is not one out of any poker book or something like this
I will not go up any further, because at the next level is not that much traffic and I am currently playing on the lowest (loosest) stakes for 5c omaha.
I did not know that it is from France. At my tables are almost all the time just players from Finland and Sweden.
6c Omaha with 2 flops would be very nice, but makes multitabling almost impossible.


Good in theory if you should add that amount of money,

because following the logic of your bankroll doubles when was 10 to 70 and from 70 to 140,

so I think that if possible.

Good lcuk!

If you don't run into setups or bad beats it is possible. But try to play your best without looking to much on that $500

You can't think i must and want to make 500$ till that day because u will play to much and at end loose some ammount of that cash.
Good luck with it anyway!

First of all I congratulate with you for your results. And for this reason I suggest you not to make any forecast: just not to be disappointed Blink Good luck from me too Thumbs Up

The swings are way too high, you really got little chance if you play at this speed, with a so little bankroll management (to go 70 to 140 in 2 days, there has to be nearly no bankroll management...).

Play mttsngs and mtts only and stick to bankrollmanagment from now on.
if you play in order to gain as much cash as possivble in such a short time,
you will likely go bust like millions before. or try 4 tabling nl 10 sh
which you actually cant even afford.

catch a swing and gl

Posted by tobik999:
I deposited 10 days ago 10 euro at a poker room, first days went very fine and I was soon at 70 Euro. 2 days ago I started to play 5 card Omaha, which doubled up my bankroll to 140 Euro. Now I am looking forward to have 500 at the 24th. What do you think will I work this out?

I think unfortunately you will not Sad

alright here comes my daily update:
I played about 2 hours again 5card Omaha, but when there was just one or two tables open. Sat down with 20 Euro, had sometimes like -10 Euro (30 Euro lost) and sometimes 50 (30 plus). I stopped playing with about 25 Euro, so just 5 Euro plus for 2 hours is almost my worst result Smile Maybe it was because of another guy sitting at the table with a big swing he had like 50 Euro when I joined and stood up with 250 Euro after 2 hours
Tomorrow I will again play when about 4 or 5 tables are open, fishing works than better.

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