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wil u play ?

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Posted by mazas:
This sunday 27 at 14.45 starts the biggest ever tour 4 world genuine record Dollar 300.000 guaranteed price is really hard night 4 european peoples because its late time and also if u play it can took till the morning now sleep and on monday go work after big poker play .
only 1 Dollar needed to register .
i ll take a part of this record and try play and win some peace of this price hope some of u play this tour too .
good luck at the tables and Happy celebration on 24-26 days Worship

maybe if my brains work hard after celebration
i dont know yet

Maybe I will try it.

Posted by choco-ijs:
I will not play there because I will be too busy with a live poker game; the winner of each hand can pick a present and unwrap it. And there are many presents under the tree Big Smile

u will play strippoker with some nice girls?? Cool Big Smile

I won't play; I don't have an account on PS and I wouldn't play anyway because it would be too hard for me to play for a day lone ( at least ).
Good luck everybody and merry Xmas all Blink

Posted by paulparadiis:
Definitely going to play it. If there is a possibility to make 50000% of your money - I'm in! Club

yes its possible with big luck and some good dealers hands Worship

good luck 4 u and meet u at the table if u not fold Earlie Smile

i vote yes but i really dont think i m gonna play takes to much time Confused

maybe i will

i don't have money on my pokerstars account, but my dad is registered
and he may isnt able to play and then i am the part of this great record Smile

and when i am playing, i will win Smile

i would never play this..
if you look this moment >82k player registered to this one..and if the games with ~3500 take 15hours of play how long will this last? 35hrs? Thumbs Down

but god luck to all starters here Smile

Definitely will play!!!
After all, it's a world record. Who needs sleep when you can be a part of that? (Belgium)

I've only been playing for 3 months, so I'm not expecting to buy a new car tomorrow, but you never know....

yes but now >126k players .. you have to buy in 2 days now, not tomorrow if you go to the ft Blink


You all better watch out for the player with the nick "Davoodoojaha" because im going to win this one Big Smile ... 134 400 players registered so far

This is a ridiculous tournament

Posted by Davoodoo:
watch out for the player with the nick "Davoodoojaha" because im going to win this one

There are so many registered that the tournament lobby doesn't even show the list of players. They'll show them only when they play down to 1000.

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