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have u ever with AA in hand won deal on poker site full tilt ?

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Posted by volatile88:

1)the biggest mistake is people try to be too deceptive with it.

2) close drawy boards dont get greedy.

3) raise big pre depending on table style players etc

4) for every action theres a reaction you gotta bet to know what your opponant has if he has 2 pair or a set your done for, aa is just a pair but if you have a good reading ability you know when its good.

5) rapid betting pattern change if a player puts you on aa because of a sudden pops and re pops and your full aggression, and still fights back you know your beat.

especially the trying to get down the hand on a drawy flop. Don't try to get rich on it


Make value from a good hand is a important thing. Know when FOLD a good hand make a good poker player.

Bye and aces (or any two) for all!!

PD. One way to never fold AA ... push preflop!! (Fishing Way)

There is a 50% chance to win, but not always Sad U shouldn't be so certain when you've got AA.. It happend to me for about 5 times to win that way Smile

well off course you don't win a lot if you just limp and get in a pot against 6 ,7 players Smile)=))
try playing against only one ore two and push more ... don't let them see free cards ... push a lot more when they have only a draw Smile

slow play and you deserve to lose big, AA all in pre, make more in the long run this way

I hate AA, because if you lose you get tilt, if you win slim you get tilt Big Smile with AA people want to win much, but it happen rarely Smile AA is not an opportunity, AA is a drag Smile AA makes me pressure Big Smile

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