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Ziigmund and Gus Hansen chating in FT  0   
Gus Hansen: wauw
Gus Hansen: ohh there it was
Ziigmund: gus is verrry good POKKKERPLR
Ziigmund: gus has been lucky last 13 months
Ziigmund: losing only like 5 megas
Gus Hansen: actually not very smart of me - Ziigmund has been the luckiest on Full Tilt for 3 years - Cole South the luckiest in 2009 and Eazy Peazy is just lucky and good
EazyPeazy: hey at least i got my goddness when my luck runs out
Ziigmund: Gus ….its smart beacuse you are the best POKKKERPLRRLYER
EazyPeazy: ziggy and cole are in lots opf trouble
Ziigmund: gus has lost in fulltilt like 20megas in 4 years but still run 10mega more than EV
Ziigmund: its sicko
EazyPeazy: get in the ring with him ziggy
Gus Hansen: did you do the math yourself mr. I am the best drunk player in the world
Ziigmund: nope plyeyyyere
Ziigmund: gus
Ziigmund: how much you are losing for poker in your career?
Gus Hansen: Actually Ziigmund maybe you can do me a favor - dont ask me for money online - and dont speak to me again
Ziigmund: wau
Gus Hansen: thx in advance
EazyPeazy: we all love each other
Gus Hansen: wauw he did shut up - what a relief
Ziigmund: just only cause you are so f good pokkerplyeeer
EazyPeazy: we should have the ziggy gus challenge play poker till one goes broke
Ziigmund: gus is already
Ziigmund: so we dont get challenge
Ziigmund: and if we play like 50 100 blinds gus doesnt have chance
Ziigmund: so no sense
Ziigmund: good luck gus
Ziigmund: u know im joking
Ziigmund: still love you

ziigmund is drunk again i guess haha

is he not always that, talking shitty about gus !!!! Gus is the cooles poker player ever

Ziggy and Gus will always talk like that to eachother, always - if uve seen Ziggys interwiews then he also speaks there that they are good friends with Gus and respect eachother much, but only in tables they like to make jokes on eachother.

btw - Ziggy is talking laods of s*** in tables to everyone who stays in his way lol Big Smile - check this eg -->

Isildur1: who s the little scared fa g starts lipimg every hand cos hes up
Isildur1: fckn clown
Ziigmund: how long u have been around here
Ziigmund: u r losing after this year if u continue f ag
Isildur1: well see, u keep hit n rn me and limping
Ziigmund: haha
Ziigmund: nono
Ziigmund: joking
Ziigmund: u r nice guy
Ziigmund: and pretty viktor
Isildur1: lol
Ziigmund: Smile
Isildur1: can u atlest reload finnish superstar
Ziigmund: Smile

i agree with vossen

totally drunk...

Big Smile Gus Hansen: did you do the math yourself mr. I am the best drunk player in the world Worship

Both of them are crazy players! Zigmund and Gus Hansen are good poker players but none of them have the patience that a poker player needs. Good example are Phill Ivey and Daniel Negreanu. They are always millions ups and millions down!

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