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I didnt know the SKILL involved in POKER !!!  +3   
Hi All ,
I've been playing poker for fun since i was a child, Ive played on various online sites since for the odd £20 - £30 now and again.
I've got to say .....
I didnt have a clue how much depth and strategy was involved.
For me it was a fun past time , I didnt realise so many players were learning such an in depth set of skills and strategies.
I am just scraping the edge of simple stuff like bankroll management (dont laugh Shock )
Amazed at the stories of success on here and ecstatic at the awareness this site has given me for poker.
I am looking forward to trying to learn to the best of my abilities how to play this game better and am thankfull for the oppurtunity this site has given me to be a better poker player.
Look forward to The Future
Tony Smile

good on you tony, you can only get better at this,
leaning all the time no matter how good you are............

yes strategy is the main reason to win at this game without this you lose mate,
we at bankrollmob will answer your questions if you get stuck in a rut Blink

Welcome to the site Tony! Nice post! And yes, poker takes an hour to learn, and a life time to master Big Smile

Posted by cuonthefelt:
Welcome to the site Tony! Nice post! And yes, poker takes an hour to learn, and a life time to master Big Smile

poker = strategy 40% + patience 40% + goodluck (variance) 20%

thisll probably cause sum cryin but have to say...bankroll managent is only a strategy...i made alot more money before i leant this/made no money since i learnt this,......i think its a comfort level...leave enough for a couple buyins...5-10...u play someonie elses game ur bound to lose

have to say,.....learn ur own game ur on a" NO DEPOSIT FORUM' so no matter what the others say they"re no better the the resta the begineers

DONONTRA'z back!!!!!?

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Here there is a p***********y section and a no deposit bonus you can find what you need to get better in poker
and whenever you have doubts or questions just ask here and we will talk about it

Welcome Tony too BRM, have a good time Thumbs Up

Been there, done that, sometimes still doing it, but learning all the time.

Cheers for the support guys , Nice to know I can get some answers when i get stuck on the technical stuff. Smile

You know how it is like: It`s a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. Blink Everyone startet knowing the rules and donk around a bit for getting experience. Blink

Welcom Tony you'lllike it here im sure, there not a bad bunch of
They'll help you out all they can for sure.
Yes its a mine field when you scratch the surface defo. But it doesnt have to be daunting at all just try to learn at you own pace and dont try and mix it up with the big boys till you get your game under control Blink
It'll come easy dont threat.
What part of the UK do you reside?
get some solid stratergy under your belt and just remember dont go broke on the first
Learn good no learn great bankroll managment and you'll go far defo if you have a good backgroung knowledge of the game and if you enjoy the game and can grab the stratergy you'll have $$$$$ coming out of your ears in no time Blink
Good luck! bud. Cool

Hehe, good for you. You should check out various poker schools, then you'll see how much skill and strategy is involved.

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