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I must agree with Greenstein's speculation that it is Viktor Blom after that sick play at the wsope me 2009... What do you think?

Tony G said in one of his blog that Isildur1 is Viktor Blink
The quote in german:"Ich will nicht zuviel über Isildur1 reden, aber ich kann bekanntgeben, dass es Viktor ist"
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Posted by iputonak:
What do you think?

A guy with a serious gambling problem!

Every time he has build up his roll, he went straight to the highest limits, and doesn't stop playing untill most money is gone.

Never new this before, but apparently, in Sweden the tax laws on poker are ridicules, profits are calculated from every pot you play, instead of the total winnings at the end of the year like everywhere else. So a poker player might be forced to pay more in taxes than he/she actually won over the year. This is why we will never find out who Isildur1 is, unless he moves to US or something, or someone exposes him. Madness isn't it.

maybe its just a billionaire who likes to gamble. people always praise his style of playing, because he is so fearless, but i only see a bigtime loser who had some nice upswings. hey, if you have enough money you can easily bluff big on the river, while opponents, even with bankrolls like durrrs, have a hard time to catch your bluffs. but once guys like hastings found out how he plays he started to lose big. and he seems to have a serious tiltproblem, which doesn't match with being a pro who grinded up the limits.

i think we will never know who he really is or she..........
if they wanted the lime light they would of came out now and owed up who they are.....

i think this could be a bot for full tilt so all the pros can get they monthly bonus from Big Smile

or just for the poker world to talk about full tilt great avertising way thou,
raising the profiles of there super pros there like durrrr

Hello everybody!
I think instead we will know one day. He will probably want to be sponsored. Unless this is already the case.
A soon to post again lol! Smile

whoever he is, in my opinion is the best nlhe online ever. he doesnt fear to play anyone, and maybe thats why everybody likes him. its like he is one of us challenging the pros.

i bet he is viktor blom but its just my opinion.

Kinda gettin tired of Isildur....or anyother new super pro who's cleaning house just to piss it away as fast as he/she can. The way I see it, these guys play so bad that they actually look good.....for a little while anyways.

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