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Did i slow played ?

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Did i slow played?  0   
Did i slow played that hand?

Rush 0.25/0.50

Flop: K 8 8
I check
Other raise to 10$
I call
Turn: 8
I check
Other All In
I call
River: 8

And guess what: he had AQ
So i lost 100$...

Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Edited by preedator76 (17 April 2010 @ 12:06 GMT)

obviously you slow played, but you got unlucky & why the hell would he raise $10 with the blinds 0.5/0.10?

Posted by preedator76:
Did i slow played that hand?

Of cause. But nothing wrong with that in the situation. Money went in when you were far ahead, but opponent hit his one out.

bro that was just unlucky i would of love to have seen a screen shot also u maybe should of bet bigger on turn Tongue

? Dunno did you raise pre-flop?
Anyway, normally you could say "well thats just a bit shitty", but this was at rush were in this situation you bet ill have my $ in the pot well b4 the river shows.

Slowrolling indeed, but as Daniel once said wise words (when he slowrolled Lex Veldhuis in HSP) - to say slow rolling is not needed in the game of poker.
In your case you become from slowrolling to calling station and lost. Unlucky, but I would of reraised 3bet atleast postflop there.

But overall very unfortunate situation.

the way he played i don't think he would have folded on turn but of course that's hard to say
Spade Club Heart Diamond

the only point playing rush is to play some point you had to raise. i would have raised re flop, and at the very least if not reraise when he put 10 in.

I think your play was great, you just got unlucky with cards thats all. Spade

yes it was slowplayed, but what else to do? Push on that flop?! there is no hand he might call with except 88.... But i would never check the turn here.

Hi preedator76.

You slow played, but you did it right. Bad luxk that 8 in river, but is something that happens. Better luck net time.


Really unlucky. FTP is rigged. Big Smile

Hello everybody!
You're obviously a bit slowplayer. But who could blame you in this situation! You really have no luck.
See you soon for new posts lol! Blink

A little slow play, yes but it's the same because i'm sure your opponent will push with your re-raise. No way, he wouldn't drop his AQ, i'm sure so .... good played, bad luck, imho

I also tend to slowplay my sets if there is no flush or straight draw.
IMO you played great and should have been rewarded a big pot, but that just poker Blink
You are safe to play that situation the same away next time, because it is very improbable that quads hit the board like that.

Just my two cents Smile

really bad luck id of punched screen lol id of had a nice raise pre flop then raised his 10 on flop all in on turn but theres nothing you could of done he sounds like an idiot player to me lol

Wow you got unlucky!
Full house K high on the flop....and then 4 8's on the board! Shock

Lost to a real DONK though. What a lucky idiot. Confused
Can't believe those kind of morons are playing $100 pots!

You are not alone... i made the same mistake

KK vs A10 (0.25/0.50)


9JJ (check)

turn j (i check again)

river ? j !!! and he bet 10 usd ! ( and i call...)

RHAAA !!!! SICK... Aww crap!

for me ? It's rigged... never see that on tv ! (never)

Rush is a little different than regular ring games. He was probably trying to steal the pot with the raise. Your best move would have been an all in reraise. Since he only had an ace high on the flop, a reraise would have pushed him off the pot.

You did slow play it, although there wasn't much you could do different. Only that if this guys raises $10 into a small pot, then probably he wants to go all the way...If you jammed the turn, he would surely have called

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