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So I finally managed to scratch 3 jokers the other day (after 3wks of trying every day) and was delighted that I finally got to play in the 40man freeroll this evening.

It annoyed me that half of the entrants didnt even bother to log in to play, so there was one guy at a 10 seater table just min raising every single blind and pretty much got 9 peoples stacks from doing nothing. Why do people scratch the scratch card if they couldnt be bothered or dont really care about the promotion on offer? Made me pretty bleak. Blinds also flew up really fast and by lvl 4 it was already 100 - 200 with chip average pretty much being about 2.5k as the chip leader at the other table was already on 35k and by the time we got to the final table, there were only 7 players actually playing with chip leader being on 60k and 2nd being on 8k. Are all PartyPoker tournaments blind levels that quick? Only really played about 5 hands in the whole tourney but before you know it you down to 10x the BB.
Eventually got knocked out in 6th after flopping trips and the the chip leader flopping top pair on a K88 board only to river another K giving him a higher full house :/

Am really bleak I didnt make top 3, but just wanted to say thanks to BRM for giving me the opportunity to play. Maybe I'll scratch another 3 jokers soon and get a 2nd chance, but in the mean time, people that dont really care about the promo should bother to scratch as it does kinda mess up the tourney for other players that actually do bother to play


blind levels are usually every 10 on party..sometimes 8min unless its turbo then can be as low as 3....sometimes stuff comes up n u cant play if u win an entry for 2 days later n u have to work no1's gonna take work off for a qualifier freerole thats worth no money

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