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My god, the only thing about Players Only that true is that only most rediculous hands happen here. Honestly, I've been playing here for about a week now and have frickin had it. I understand that they enforce the RANDOM CARD ACT or whatever it's called, but sometimes random can be against you. Let me give you three instances over the course of the last week, mind you this is playing for no more than an hour to two every other day.

Earlier tonight: I'm low stacked at the final table in a 20 dollar tourny and I have K8 of hearts(pretty average hand). I'm the small blind and it's just me and the big blind(everyone else folded) so I naturally do a loose small raise on the preflop. He calls. Flop: K 7 4. I check, he pushes all in. I'm a little worried with such a rag on my K but call. He has 88. GREAT!!! I have K 8. Turn J. River 8. On a 2% gut shot.

This one's the worst. I have 10 7. Checks all around. flop: 10 10 7. lol. I bet a descent amount. My oppenent goes all in. I obviously call. He has 4 4. (real nice bet) Turn 4. River 4. I was pretty much beond pissed. I think I straight up gave a full out swing at my compurter screen which doesn't sit well with a drummer.

Last one isn't as bad, but this crap has been happening so much. AQ I push all in(late in the tourny otherwise I would not give that much faith in an AQ). QJ calles. Do I need to say what the flop was? That crap has happened 4 or 5 times in the last week on players only. But, it only happenes in very critical moments when I all in. Honestly, I play to win every hand I'm in. So, I usually don't make a miscall in a big hand. But, that crap always happens in all ins or a big pot toward the end of a tournement or when everything is on the line. The underdog seems to always pull of a miracle based on a bad bet or call. I've played at Full Tilt, Poker Stars, and Ultimate/Absolute. That stuff obviously happenes sometimes (As I stated, "sometimes random is against you" ). But, through all of my online poker experience, Players Only by far has the most rediculous bad beats and psychotic players. I do not recomened that site to anyone. The only players playin there just escaped from the frickin insane asylum. They have no Interest or knowledge in playing strategic poker. If you have the poker IQ of an ape who loves to gamble and throw chips away on rediculous all in bets/calls, then Players only is for you.

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we all days have some terrible beats and deals from the dealer then starting position was QQ KK AA and all 3 players put all in or just u have stright at the turn u push all in some call and get flush on river or full house so all the sites allow strange deals and deap donk take the win :0

good luck all Tongue

lmao. You really made me laugh. How long have you played poker? Not very long, if you haven't seen things like that happen before.
Only two pieces of advice i can give you :
1.) Get used to it.
2.) Top pair with a K kicker is not the nuts!


ya i know i used to play at players only, and to be very honest it kinda sucks. in addition to that i also found other sites with different names but the same exact set up as players only. which leads me to believe it is not a legitament site to play on. and of course i only signed up with a free bankroll so ya. the best place, and really the only place ive found close to legit is pokerstars, but even that has flaws Smile

Yo, to Paulparadiis.
1.) I've been playing poker longer than you seeing as your age is listed at 21.
2.) I said, "I've played at Full Tilt, Poker Stars, and Ultimate/Absolute. That stuff obviously happenes sometimes". So, ya I'm used to it.
3.) I went all in AQ with an unsubstantial chip stack at the "end" of a tournament; big difference from the beginning. I would never give that much faith in an AQ. I was merely using an example that hands like that happen a lot more at Players Only. I've played enough of all the Poker rooms too have a good feel for each site.
4.) Dude, you can't deny the fact that ridiculous flops, turns, and rivers happen way more at Players Only. I don't know if you've even played there. But, if you have, you can't really argue a point for the contrary.
~ Note, these are only three examples. I've played each day of the last week and hands like these are a daily/ hourly occurrence. Always in critical situations it never fails. It truly isn't like the other rooms. Ya, that crap happens everywhere. EVERYWHERE. But, it happens ALOT more at Players Only. If anyone can speak of a different experience I'd love to hear it.

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