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Hi guys,well i have just this minute turned 41 years of age and i am making a promise to myself to start to take this game we all love so much,more seriously.To this end i have opened an new account at party poker(still no $25 bonus???)and topped up my account on pokerstars.Starting,well lol later today now i am gonna see how much i can increase my bankrolls by,not in a day or even a week im just gona see how it goes!At the moment i have aprox $130 in stars and the $50 i deposited with party poker,now i cant think of a better place to ask how best to go about increasing my bankroll,so if anybody has any tips they will all be welcomed,thanks in advance and i wish you all the best at the tables(as long as there not mine lmao).Oh if anyones interested i will update my bankrolls weekly.

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Congrats mate and happy birthday to you!.. I'll be 41 in October, so I guess till then I have time to play poker in a lighter way... You know, call raises with 4-8, hunt runner-runner flushes, make hero calls and such... It's just that I know when I'll be 41 I'll take it more seriously myself too... Big Smile Big Smile

Nah, just kiddin'... Pokerstars and PartyPoker are excellent choices! I'd advise you to play the New Depositors freerolls and many more freerolls available, especially on Party Thumbs Up It's a good way to boost your bankroll.
Another good choice of course are the Double or Nothing SNGs, where if you have patience you could easily double your buy-in with low risk... of course it all depends in what game you feel you're better at...
Anyway, good luck and keep us updated 'bout your bankroll. TO NEW BEGINNINGS... I'll drink to that! Thumbs Up

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Hey, i think anybody must find your on way to poker. ILI_002 has right but if y play like the rules(poker school rules) y on a right way up and down swings has everybody. And i love duple up SnG but i like more PokerStars than party.Good luck on the tables and much Dollar

i think the best way to build is to take things slow and plan
DO NOT PLAY EXPECTING TO MAKE $500 IN 1 NIGHT try to make $5 over 100 nights or even $100 over 5 nights if you good but all i can really tell you is plan!!!
The rest is up to you

TNX ILI,for your reply,totally agree about freerolls,many people overlook them at there own loss.Tonight for example i'm 1 of 144 who have qualified to play for a €2000 UKIPT KILLARNEY package(when i won my seat i also won the sat and €43)not to bad for nothing.many thanxs for your reply and will keep you updated(if you wanna know how im getting on)from time to of luck at the tables Worship

HEY WHYCLIFF,thanx for your reply,yep thats exactly what im gonna do,take plenty of time in all aspects of my game.i play don's on stars and normally do fairly well,like most people i have leaks but i now im plugging them but must still fnd more,so yes everyone does need to find there own way but a little help never hurts Cool

HEY $K,thanx for your reply,im pretty realistic about expectations,i dont get greedy and it's now a rare occurance for me to tilt and now with pretty much unlimited time i intend to do exactly as you surgested,start off with small targets that are reallistic and reachable(nothing worse than failling)and as my bankrolls incease and my game improves,move those targets slightly higher.thanxs again PEACE!!!!!

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happy bday ands good luck Blink


Happy Bday mate & welcome to the forum Blink!

As for the poker sites id suggest to look more into Pokerstars - bigger fields, more tables, more variable.
Partypoker is more gambling site than poker Smile.

gl at the felt Thumbs Up

happy birthday
Don't know how to multiply your bankroll.
I prefer sitngoes cause it takes longer for me to loose my money
Gl at the tables
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How about playing poker? Or am I saying the craziest thing ever right now?

happy birthday dude Blink

Here are my advices with more than 2000 sng's played :
1) Try to get RAKEBACK as soon as possible (for example if u think about moving into full tilt, and that's what i would do in place of partypoker, because fee's in party poker are to high) : so for example, move on full tilt and take rakeback, it will be a damn good boost for your profitability. I didn't took rakeback and now regreat it Sad

2) Be really careful with bankroll managment : since you have a 150 $ bankroll in pokerstars, i would'nt play more than 3$ sng's and 1-2$ MTT's. This is the key to rise a bankroll, trust me (you can check my thread some weeks ago about this !). Just pass to the next limit when you reach 500 or 600$. It might seems to be a lot, but 100 buy ins is vital (some advice 30-40 buy ins, but well its not enough,especially in higher limits : just read articles on the net about 'variance').

3) choose your strategy : will you be a sng grinder, in which case, if you are a winning player, your graph should be really regular and the variance not to high (variance is low in 9 plyrs sng's, high in 6 plyrs sng's, very high in heads up ! ). Or maybe a MTT's grinder, which are really tough for the nerves since the variance is very high here too --> Your graph will be not very regular, with some high fluctuation at some points (big win or bad runs). Or maybe you are a cash game player which need a really important amount of patience : cash game is also very tough for nerves and might bring you very fast in a bankroll blowing if you are on tilt (you fast rebuy, want to get your money back and finally lose everything, so careful !). I would advice to buy a tracker when you can, it's really useful if u play often vs same players in cashgame.

4) Always think about improving your games : read books, post hand in the forum for advices, read articles on the internet (many articles from the pro on full tilt website for example. Those articles are simple, but i think that there is sometime some good points to understand there).

5) Be systematic : You start a session : you better program what you are gonna do : for example : i'm gonna play 2 hours or 10 sng's. But if i see that all goes wrong directly, i just stop and restart tomorrow or in five hours. Pro's recommand to play more when you run good and less when you run bad, so if you feel like hot, change a lil bit your program like : okay i'm running good, i make 30 min more of poker or 2 more sng's (or just stop and respect your program, that's good too Blink ).
Give yourself challenges : in one month, my bankroll will be 500$. Be happy if you do it, think about your game and improvment if you can't.

GL my friend : poker is a so cool strategy game, but can sometime be so tough for nerves Blink

congrates 41 is the years then u can start yours new carriere playing poker its nottoo late ?
hope for u not wich u to get free money and win some money at the tables

good luck all Tongue

good for you i remember when i was beginner 1yer ago xD but naw with a litle practice im winning naw realy not small money in realyty i dont hawe to work naw if i would like that but everyone hawe to work i think... Big Smile Big Smile Cool

Just remember that bankroll management is a BIG part of keeping up your bankroll. since poker is a game of chance is therefore subject to variance, even the best players would exeprience losing streaks. The trick is to keep those losing streaks from breaking your bankroll!!!


Iwould just like to say thanx to everyone who replied to my post,after giving party poker a (very quick go) on the cash tables,wasn't particualy impressed but did increase my bankroll from$48.79 to $63.51 Blink and got 14 points!The rest of the week i have been on stars,again mainly cash tables(2-5 cent blinds NLHE) i have done better here,in fact have had a very good week,up by $43.07 Big Smile Big Smile .So all in all my new beginings is going pretty well.Over 30%+ ROI,TRICK NOW IS TO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP OF PLAYING HIGHER STAKES (YET).Still have a long way to go before i consider moving up in stakes.loads to learn so please keep those tips coming Worship and best of luck 2 all at the tables!PEACE Spade Heart Diamond Club

congrats, but drinking and making decisions like this usually turn epic

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