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Well a few of you know i have started in poker Staking to try it out ..... and also know i finished my BAP (i apply to play poker a get people to back me with there money) .... well after a weeks holiday i was wondering what i should do next ... so checked out the stakes offered and managed to get a stake for $14 to play $1.40 KO sng on pokerstars .... had to run these till i lost 10 ..... managed 19 games lost 10 in the money 9 times ...

so whats next ..... well while i was running that stake i got offered another to start when that one was finished ..... when i saw it i nearly fell off my chair ....... I WAS OFFERED $135 TO PLAY $6.25 KO sng ... and one week to play as many as i can ...... THIS is a HUGE stake ... so looking forward to starting this to day .... received the money last night and im ready to rock and roll

As i said staking wouldnt be for every one but is perfect for me .... and a stake like this one is way bigger than anything i ever imagined getting ..... So Happy Days ... now to knock out some results and maybe get more stakes like this

Who offers you these things? The sites, or other players? And how do you split the winnings, if there are any?

I'm not sure staking would suite me. If I lose, I feel sorry for the ones who trusted in me. If I win, I feel sorry that I have to pay people with what I have worked for. Cool

Edit: Well, good luck anyway!

Nice goin Smile

Offcourse staking can be intresting while ur low in roll.
Had 1 offer not staking but sponsor which is basicly the same in the end.
Didnt take it cos with all off these deals they get the rkb u only %winnings.
So i can do it better with my own roll.

Anyway nice goin, keep it up Smile

ye good if you have low roll or like me a stay at home dad .... cant afford to use my own money .... if you have money might not suit .... split simple 60% 40% in favour of backer plus stake back ....

just suits me no risk while i build up a bankroll and get to play in decent size sngs while i do it ... as for loosing well they have seen me play for a few months now and know my results for all my games so he obviously thinks im worth the risk .... as for splitting the profits ... easy .. wouldnt have been playing the games only for the stake ... so hopefully i make a lot to split and get another couple like this and then i have my own roll that im happy with

congrats, seems to be going really well for you. gl with the $135

as always; keep us posted Big Smile

what site do you use and is it on poker stars i ONLY play at UB or AP Big Smile good luck to you and bring in the money

Well, 135$ is quite a nice offer Smile Wish you luck with your sngs and building roll this way. Anyway, I'd prefer to save some money on my own for a couple of weeks-some part time jobs or anything- and make a deposit-it saves a lot of time instead of playing freerolls or "sponsored offers".. Again, I understand you point of view and wish you all the best Big Smile Blink a lot of Dollar Dollar to come Smile

hmmmm... any1 wanna stake me dozn01 at full tilt Big Smile

omaha high and low sit and go

60/40 to you Blink

Ok all a quick update playing 6 days now one to go .... off to a slow start then picked up .... have played 37 games and have cashed 18 lost 19 .... gone form starting BR of $135 up to $194.50 .... going well last 22 games as i cashed 14 of them .......

Hope to continue this way and finish with a nice profit .... dont want a downswing with one day to go

Nice going photolong, hope you catch a few 1st places and get that BR rocketing.

another 2nd $203.75 up baby up

Posted by photolong:
another 2nd $203.75 up baby up

keep it going and your get rep up too then you can subbed to play at the higher stakes Blink


where can u find offers like this?sound kind of interesting Smile

now a 3rd $206 plus have received $82 from another member to night to run $4.10 9man KO sng ... starting when i finish this stake ... and to run it for a month .....

so thats me sorted when this stake finishes to morrow evening ..... so have to say whole experience is going very well for me

another 3rd and finished for the day plus 2 KO brings me to $210.75 ...... unlucky lad called my reraise to his bet on flop and i went all in on turn to hit his flush draw ... which he hit ... Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Edited by photolong (13 July 2010 @ 22:51 GMT)

Ur doin a great Job Smile
But i think its now time for ur own deal with ur winnings, with rakeback, first deposit ect, u can make a lot more then with this offer u play now.

another 2nd $220 now ........ naa doomdy going to continue risk free till a least $200 ... that will cover $6.75 KO .... im in no rush .... enjoying this and great bunch of lads ... lot of laughs in the chat room they have .....

lad who staked me wants me to run again for him when i finish next stake ... so think i might have my bankroll pretty sorted when i finish for him if i keep things going the way i am ... after that then i can run my own bank roll and run stakes at same time ....

but tx for advice and interest

Ok stake finished .... $241.25 giving a profit of $106.25 for one weeks play .... have to say im thrilled with this ...... hard work but still would be happy to do it every week .....

overall played 46 games cashed 25 lost 21

Hopefully can keep the run going for next stake .... so tomorrow will be starting off with a stake of $82 playing $4.10 Ko sng

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

Edited by photolong (14 July 2010 @ 22:46 GMT)

question photolong were this good with your own money,

cause your doing very good at the moment is it because its other people money and you dont
want to let them down,

i think if i did this my win percentage would alot higher than it is,
cause i wont be making any silly moves,
but do you play tighter and only play the strong hands,
or just your normal game,

Q1 ...... hadnt been playing sngs on a regular basis so didnt know i was capable of this .... with my own money before staking i was mtt a lot and spent about 6mts before this trying to work on my cash game ..... but i did feel my overall game had come along

as for not wanting to let people down .... did i let it affect my game .... no no no .... i was a little nervous allright wanting to make a good impression ... but i knew they knew the risks when giving stakes

thats why i only got $2 stakes starting off ..... low risk and they get to see how you play

the $2 stake i turned into $64 really helped get me creditability and created a lot of interest, but i wondered after my bap and only making $50 what would i get next

to get the $135 really surprised me as it was a huge stake for someone so new .... but they had been watching me and must have liked what they saw

Did i change my play ... very very slightly ... im pretty hard to describe kinda passive at beginning then aggressive ... and once i cash get very aggresive

in position happy to play raise most cards .... but i think my strong point is not to be calling raises that are made before i act ... and im patient

as stakes are pretty much playing one type of game for a period of time .... this is how i discovered im pretty ok at sngs .... so only for staking i might not have found this out

so now im trying to bankroll my own money like i do stake money eg stick to sng and if im up only then put a % aside for mtts

anyway thanks for the interest

Hello everybody!
i4poker 700$ Freeroll
Play, play i4 I was going very much duly 2 for doubling. Into a hand 10,10 Flop: 636 Turn: 6 River the 2. I felt it that the kid who wants to bluff because of this I granted it the all-in-tt. At him JQ. Then A10 2...stb. I noticed it that I am 2-3 then the 6. from 86 men 115tausend with a token. And a fatal hand came at this time.
I am big blind Smile into a hand Q2. There is not increase let me see the freeflopot. Q9Q Emel. Turn the 2. call in, raise, I get it. River K. oh I say it okay won.
Nice photolong! Big Smile


I'm happy for you, is fantastic news so enjoy it,

because now I'm in a bad day, and I have no bankroll to play poker,

and it shows a lot because it happened bad lol, so lucky!

Dollar Thumbs Up

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