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The Big little tournament on FT.  0   
Is anyone going to play in this one?
I reigstered few weeks ago, saw the advertising and played a sat of like 80 cents and won my seat, so I think for this small amount I should play it.
Although it remebers me of a similar tournament off them with more then 30k runners, first hour was kamikazepoker, but if you survive there and have a decent stack, the money isn't so difficult, altough I'm going to try for the big win, few dollars doesn't seem like a good investment then.
If off course I get extremely shortstacked few places for the money, then I'm going to play like a tight p***y off course, but after i'll push with any decent hand to try to get big stack again.
Also what do you guy's think is the best strategy there?
I'm going in the first ten levels (only 5 mins per level) to try to play as tight as possible, and try some lowball, if I can get in cheap with suited connectors i'll look for a flop.
If I get a monster like AK AA or KK, maybe QQ also, then I'm going to bet it very agressive, as otherwise i'll end up with a 5 way pot(very agressive means more agressive then yu normally should against decent players).
I hope I can make a big run, and for the guy's here that are going to play: Good luck!
Any advice on how to play these kind of tournaments is welcome.

im playing in it , had tourney ticket through points, im gonna play safe for the first hour,
only play the top hands, after the break mostly all the donks would be out by now,
just hope my top hands hold up and not get busted, then play abit agressive thats my strategy

my username is dozn01 there good luck in the tourney and hope to see you on the final table after 6 hours of play Big Smile

I'll try to rail your table Big Smile
My nick is Myeng there.
and yes i'm also afraid of going out due to badluck before the first break, first levels is even for the best surviving in my opinion (and i'm far from that Big Smile ).
Hope to meet you at the final for places one and two, would be a nice story to post on BRM Tongue

im also in this tourney the late night poker FINAL, only open to uk players thou

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If you take that down, would be very nice, playing with pro's is on of my dreams, even if you bust there it's still a good experience I believe.
But 15 august i'm busy with exams, so don't know if I can rail that, will try tough, but think the field there will be pretty hard.


I am playing in it nickname there is Duve84....this is going to be a bingo poker....3-4 way all-ins.....hope I get some big hands....And that they hold up....

Good luck to everybody

I forgot about that one.
Just signed up.
Gonna be another Donk Fest with +33.000 players and going up fast.
Should have played a point satellite for it. Too late now.
Another $2.20 down the drain.... Confused

Have fun though! Blink

owch dozn, but Q6 is your own fault Big Smile


yea I saw him to to go out whit Q6 I mean wtf

I'm now railing you Smile


Didnt get decent cards the hole time...damn....and there is maniac at my table

Same with me, we more or less have even stack, had some small profit but had to lay down a hand, if I have less then 10bb, what's almost the case i'll push with any hand

owch dave, you had him, I doubled with pocket kings against tens.
Now bit over startingstack.

I am out my pocket 99 against A9 suited have lost.....good luck to everybody who is still playing

what is your nickname there

Mine is myeng, just doubled with 8's, 5.2k now, was one over card, he bets, I figure he doesn't have it and push, he had 7's Smile

Up to 10k right now. So far so good, once when this tournament had a buy in of 5.5$ I cashed for 100$ hope to win more money today lol Big Smile

Edited by Pkr_night (18 July 2010 @ 17:56 GMT)

8.2K at the moment here

7.5k now, lost with aces against 9-10

Edited by Myeng (18 July 2010 @ 17:52 GMT)

up to 15k right now at BLT, and the bankrollmob freeroll on partypoker starts I will take em both down lol Big Smile

SICK FLOP FOR ME lol I dont know how to post the picture ITT what is the BB code

Edited by Pkr_night (18 July 2010 @ 18:16 GMT)

Ended on 7000, just in the money, had AJ and ran in kings.

I was in the top 10 for a moment. Currently im at 11th position but everything is changing so quickly Big Smile

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