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Posted by cjvfruity:
Posted by midnight1954:
must of been very lonely sitting there all by yourself , like waiting at the busstop on a dark winters night,lol,,,thinks I stick to a site wear you dont have to play snap waiting for the table to fill up,,,,good luck anyway

I was playing another site while waiting! sod sitting there twiddlin my thumbs Smile

I also just noticed on the login page, at every level of tables it states ZERO players seated.... Doh!

By the looks of the site, I dont think i will be depositing any money there, If I manage to make some from the free bonus, me thinks I will jus withdraw it, on the website it says try during 18:00 - 22:00 CET.

Just managed to seat and play a few hands, not very nice looking at all (will try and add pic)...

sounds like as much fun as a fart in a spacesuit

10:45 pm and there is an amazing total of ONE player seated in the whole poker site!!!

p.s. Its not me!

Surely this cant be right?

i think it sick ...very poor ....i got the bonus and won 80 euro...but they say after the 16 january the hole thing is going to be better ...really hope so Thumbs Down

Just to update.. There are ZERO players on this site at most times of the day, if you are lucky you may find one or two players on the 0.02-0.04 table, I thought I might of being doing something wrong so I emailed them to ask. They confirmed they were aware that there was "minimal traffic" on the site at the moment, as they are launching it "properly" in Febuary.

I gave my 5 free Euros to the 1 player I managed to find.. all in with my 28 off suit! Tongue

Just emailed to close my account..

Sure is good to sign up with the no deposit bonus and check it out though, but I would advise anyone to refrain from depositing any real money there for a while, at least until they have a couple of hundred players or more, you dont want your money stuck with a site that fails in its first few months (just incase)

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