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you being cheeky? you saying am funny? what do you mean? I am easily offended I will have you know, I might have to complain to admin about all this abuse!!

Posted by midnight1954:
yes, catfight or duel, but no guns just handbags, less blood that way its a girly thing

Yes, off course, it's the duel at dawn. Stupid me. But, since I live one block from the local pub in my small village, I'm used to wake up in the early morning hours by the commotion of people staggering home, and it is not unlikely to hear the clattering of handbags in a more of an improvised fight, than the strict duel.

Anyway, a great expression!

well as for the staggering home perhaps you should be joining in and carrying the handbags , keep the peace and have fun

Posted by dozn01:
Posted by Administrator:
It has become quite obvious what the main reason is for your posts - to earn points. Your other thread about points for voting just confirms it and your posts today where you just copy/paste what others wrote in order to write a long enough post just to earn points leaves me no other choice than to keep an eye on your posts from now on and consider removing your ability to earn points for posting completely, if I don't like what I see.

wow powerfull statement but i see where the admin is coming from...

i myself do alot of posts and comment alot on others but i dont look at my points which i get,
nor do i do it for the points,
i think the longer you been a member on here the less your botherd about them,
but some people on here make a big deal on this like points for votes etc,
i mean this site is giving free NDB and people are moaning over 5 points ,
if your greedy and want more you can have all my points which i get cause im not here for them,
just here to help people out and read funny threads on wheres my points bla bla bla,

admin is there any other charitys available so i can give to them,
maybe we should have page where we can donate our points to charitys??
what do you think,

oh that reminds me how much money did earn for the hati charity

Im sorry about that!! Im not spamming. well when im bored in my work I open BRM and read some post and comment on it. Im really sorry for asking that points . its just its additional benefits for the members.

yeah its additional benefit,but admin said of first page that you use copy-paste function to get long posts and to be able to get points!its not problem to ask and to open thread if you need help and I am sure that lot of people would help you here,but not just copy-paste what others say!

wow thats not what i should say " smart " but to earn the points you have to write a text with more then 100 characters like that one

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BankrollMob Forum » » why does i dont earn points on my post

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