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I made my account through and received the no-deposit bonus on PartyPoker. I cleared the first bonus(25$) and I'm halfway clearing the second (100$). I was thinking of depositing after clearing my second bonus to make use of the first deposit promotion but today I received a "New Bonus" which I have to claim in 9 days. It's restricted to a minimum deposit of 50$ with a 100% extra bonus delivered in 5 installments.

I'm confused ... is this the same "First deposit 100% extra up to 500$" that all accounts receive on Party or is it an entirely different thing? If it is I would like to know what must I do to receive both.
If I deposit now, I would clear this "new bonus" but would it also count as a "first deposit" for the "first deposit bonus"?

Please someone enlighten me, I got only 9 days to claim it. Thanks for reading!

u must contact party poker support and u ll know all the corect answers also see your lobby there are bonuses and u ll easy see that active bonuses u have now
but better contact them support becouse we can say to many and broke your hopes Sad

As mazas said, you must contact to pp support. I'm sure they will help you. As far as I know, at least in other sites, you can have more than 1 bonus active, and all of them are compatible. You earn points in all of them but, if you want to be sure, please take contact to support.

I think that if you didnt cleared the BRM bonus there is no problem. As long as you acept this new bonus, you can choose wich one you want to clear first. You can left BRM in the middle and start clearing the new one, and after you finish you can finish BRM too. Or let BRM finish and then start finish the new one.
But, better send an email to party poker making this question, to know if what iam saying is 100% right.

Got bonus too, claim 100 party points, made deposit, and all was ok, easy withdraw, no problems. P.S. Points i had made on partybets Smile

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