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Posted by IslandJack:
Ok. After 20 min. of play I was ready to write this guide.
�'s actually a very easy game. A variation on NL Holdem called Freeroll Holdem.


When holding an Ax - go All-in
When holding ANY pair - go All-in
When holding 2 face cards - go All-in
When someone goes All-in - go All-in with ANY holding, because there are a LOT of chips to be won and any 2 cards can win, right?
When holding 2 high cards, and someone raises on a low flop, go All-in, because you are holding the higher cards.
Call any pre-flop raise with ANY 2 suited cards, because you're holding a probable Flush.
If you're holding a low pair and you failed to go All-in pre-flop, and the flop hits 3 overcards with a lot of raising, go All-in NOW, they're probably bluffing.
If you hit a backdoor straight on the Flop, go All-in, you're almost there.
When there is a lot of raising on the flop and the turn, keep raising higher whatever you're holding. It's not the cards you're holding, it's your agressive table image that wins pots.
When you've got a huge stack, go All-in on every hand. You'll either win or lose it's 50/50 all the way, and you're the big stack after all.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you're sure to either win or lose the tournament. It's 50/50.
I lost, so next time I'm bound to win, right?

Big Smile

rofl jack...............couldn't agree with you more....well said....

Your right if you can accept lose most of the time! There is some strategy to the game! For example if you are holding a K and there was no K on the prior hand your odds will go up that a K will fall the next flop. This goes for all cards I've noticed. If I fold a K-6 once and get a K anything the next hand I've noticed 73% of the time the K will fall the next hand. I'm far from a pro, but watch the odds by watching your last hands. Not that serious, but love to play!

P. S. By the way BRM freerolls should be for members Only!

Thanks BRM


there are so many nuts out there that fallow that lol yep thats how they think

Posted by midnight1954:
I went out not long after you 27th a think was pretty pissed not making the money,, dont know the guy who won it,,, Evil Blink

Yep, was REALLY pissed with myself for not making the money.
This was a great freeroll and I thought it was going to be an easy cash, $30 was the minimum.

Haven´t been pissed with myself after a game for a long time now.
Guess every streak ends, even the emotional ones... Sad

you dont get the chance often to plaqy in a tourney with only 67 runners but dont you find that rather than being easier its harder, usually super tight from the start and slower, the ones I have played which are few always seemed to be a hard long drawn out affair with everyone scared to make the first mistake, anyway would of been nice to see a regular poster get on the final table, fooking russians , poles and worse Romainians should come with a goverment heathwarning, am not racist I hate them all equally

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