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Just wanted to let some members know how I feel about this site. I LIKE IT. There are several good, helpful members here, and that's what a forum is all about.

I know I'm not gonna name everyone I appreciate here, but there are a few that stand out. Hoodi, BMW, Green, Island, and "contrary to popular belief", even Dozn. Dozn has his own special sence of humor, and sometimes picks the wrong time to express it in my oppinion, but as a member here, he really seems to care about the forum, and is helpful whenever he can be. As are a lot of the "regulars" here. I probably read more posts than I reply to, but that doesn't mean I don't like the posts I read. This site is a very helpful tool to poker players that want to improve their game.

I know I get on a rant here and there, (this might be one of em, I don't know) but if you can't blow off a little steam among fellow forum members, I APPOLIGIZE. That's just a little bit of how this new member feels about this forum.

Thanks for your kind words yota. I believe in helping others when ever I can. Might not always have the right answer, but I do try. I really like this community to. I do wonder why there are only a handful of regulars posting.
As far as rant goes, well we all gotta blow off steam once in a while. Good for the nerves. Even helps play better..

Hey yota, thanx for the kind words, hope I ddint offend earlier today when u were blowing steam, we both came to blow steam about the late registration thing at the same time lol Big Smile I'd definately have to say I don't think you owe anybody an apology, and hope we can turn around the unimpressiveness! Blink I agree with ur thoughts about consistency also, either late registration or none at all! Don't know if anyone has welcomed you to the forum yet, but I will say welcome just incase no one els has yet! Cool

Well thank you both. And no hoodi, no offence taken. Maybe more of a heads up is how I took it.

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Dozn will love all of this attention he is getting!! Cool

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