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Ok, so there I was at Poker Stars, just looking for some trouble, trouble in a sense that I´ve been having some bad sessions and looking for a quick way to make, let´s say, $100 into $500 in about 10 minutes.

It wasn´t about the money, but it was about me having a break for once!

So there I see a $119 NL Hold´em (turbo - 6 max) with 5 registered players, needing one more to start. Guess what? I registered in a heart beat.

For the first time, I actually used sharkscope to see how the competition was; all sharks of course.

I don´t play too many SNG´s, I don´t really have any strategy for that sort of play, especially when it is turbo; to me after some time, with blind increase so fast, it becomes one big coin flip.

So ok, making the story shorter, I started playing tight. turned my 1500 chips into 1600. Everyone playing tight it seems. All of a sudden, boom, one player down and now we have a chipleader with twice as much as everyone. He just won an all in with higher boat.

So I´m thinking; Great! One down, four to go.

Now blinds were raising fast and everyone stole my blinds. I let them of course, because with the cards I was getting, I was glad to let them take it.

Boom, another one down. Chipleader has now approximately 3x everyone elses stacks.

That´s when it all started I think.

I was BB, and small blind was this guy, who has been playing excellent and has the chips to prove it too! I get A8, wow, this hand looked really good compared to all the other ones.

So with A8, I had around 1100 chips. Blinds were 50/100. He mini-raises.

Humm, Of course I´m not going all in, especially with Mr. good play mini-raising. I call. the flop comes 2 4 8.

Here is the tricky part. With 1000 chips left, I could have easily went all in don´t you agree? But something told me to do it different. So I raised 600.

To my complete surprise, I was re-raised for all my chips.

Great, just what I needed, when it seemed that I was going to at least increase my stack a bit, I´m put on a decision for all my chips. You know what, screw it!


Before folding I wrote in the chatbox: Folding top pair with A kicker.

Do you know what he shows me? AA. I was so relieved that for me that fold was my biggest reward.

Boom, another one gone.

3 players are left now and I´m the one with the short short stack, 350 chips.

With nothing left to do, 100% disappointed with my performance, I go all in with J2. One folds and the other calls with AK.

Flop comes J J K , then 8 then another J

I won with QUADS! Which for some reason gave me the confidence I needed to continue.

So now, still short-stacked, I started to get great cards for the occasion. I went all-in again with AQ, won. After that All-in with AJ, won.

Now I´m the one bullying the short-stack. Ok, so now both of us are bullying the short-stack. Great, he falls...

Now it´s heads-up, Mr. Good play and I.

Blinds are 300/600

After a steal here, a fold there, I had around 3000 and he had around 5000 chips.

Hey, I´m feeling lucky, All-in for me again with 99, he had 88.


Instantly after, I get Q Diamond 7 Diamond . You know what, whatever I´m all in.

He calls with AJ.

My 7 appears on board and I take the $429 prize after almost giving up.

Wow what a story. Congratz fodz very sweet win at "high stakes" and out of your game (I meen you are cash-player right?) + sharks at the table....Very impressive and well deserved. I have been waiting to hear a sweet victory from you and I was expecting it Big Smile

Thanks M3, you are right, cash is my game. What helped me a little was that I´m very confortable with short handed tables, but still, in SNG those blinds raising very fast are very tricky.

I didn´t care that much for the money, what I really needed was a victory, a break! As I said earlier, my main focus is live games, online is just for fun, so I really needed to boost up my humour.

Thanks for the kind words M3. Thumbs Up

Very nice win! You actually played very well most specially on that fold, that could have been an instant all-in for me. that is something that only a gut feeling can tell.

wow nice win that always makes you feel good.. and like im2good4u said.. that fold was true class it woulda been really really hard for me to fold up on that one! so nicely done again

Great story. Kind of reminds me of Gus hanson folding ace 8 when he flopped top pair 8s with ace kicker to Daniel Negreanu Aces.

go on mate well done i hope i can do that gonna try anyhow lol

Wow congrads thefodz what a wonderful story.

And when ever I do a higher buyin sng I always sharkscope my whole table to see who the weaker players are and the stronger ones. Its a great idea to do this tactic

can anyone tell me what this sharkscope is, i assume it is a rating of other plaers results but how does it work, is it only for certain sites, do you have to pay to be able to use it, is it only for sit and goes?

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