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Does anybody here have experinece with this ?
What is the best tactic to play Rush Poker so I don`t loose money as fast as the game is ?

Ive played the play money rush game so i cant tell you much, cause its not the same, but what ive learned is while its rush use as much of your time as you can to decide your moves.
Dont stuck with your finger in the fold button Smile

Basic ABC works well, play a little tighter than normall, defend your blind and play good positional play.
The main thing with RUSH is to watch out for the set mines, these are the hands that hurt you in this game, I persoanly find LAG play works quite well, but you got to be damn aggresive to pull it off..and would not advise that play, stick to TAG ABC

i play a lot of rush poker. The best tactic is waith for a good hand and when you have that hand (AK AQ QQ ...) then you have to play very argresive. Don't be mad when you take the blinds with AA or another good hand, be happy with a low pot. Thats better then losing that hand.

And take the time to waith for those hands. Every bad hand or middle hand is not good, to many risks because every one who is playing a hand against you has good cards Blink

good luck to you!! and maybe i see you there!

i never won yet in rush poker,,i always lose my money ,,this morning i lost $8.00 so fast grrrrr,,,not even hour ,grrrr Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Hm, okay, many thanks to all for yor kind help and advise.
So it is really like I thought it will be... playing very tight and have enough patience to wait for the really good hands.
Maybe I will give it a try, but at first I wanted to hear some opinions.

I like rush poker but i agree, you need to have a bit of experience with this game in order make profits.
As a general rule you must know the majority of players have very good cards when they jump in the play. That being said you have a pretty good idea on which cards it must have.
I've only palyed cash games rush poker, at first indeed a lost some money but quickly i managed to get a good feel of the game and then i started to make some nice profits.
Your conclusion is true, you need to play tight and wait for the good hands, but once you get those hands play them aggresively.
Good luck at the tables!

don't play rush poker !

he ruins your skill games

TAG all day long

Rush Poker is deffinatly different man just when you think you got a good one you have to remember that everybody there is waiting on good hands also.You can make good money there with hands like low-pairs and small suited connecters if you can get in resonably cheap and flop goes your way.Lots of sets that will break you if you arent careful. Good luck in your new found game Dollar Dollar

I'm not real experienced in poker, but have played a lot of the RUSH poker, especially when I started. One thing you must learn, most everyone is playing their best hand. A lot of folding, I learned to play pairs, suited runners, AK, AQ and if you don't get a good flop get out. I also did not go allin a lot pre-flop, just a dangerous move because the good RUSH players are only playing with their best hands. This is about all I have to offer, but it does work for the most part. Good Luck to All!

My apologies, since I didn't read huffinator's reply, but what stated there is basically correct!


I really love rushpoker and play it everyday and pretty succesfull.
It's great and you shoud try it. Yes almost everyone waits for a strong hand,
but not everybody, It also depends if your talking cashgames or MTT or sng.
In the last 2 not everybody waits for good hands. It's best to get some experience
with Rush first and than chooce your own strategy. Keeping the above in mind,
normal poker strategy's apply. GL Cool

i do not like rush poker anymore, because I lost my entire bankroll that way, it is exciting more hands per hour, but also means more money lost per hour rate. Sad

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