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Poker Stars is now allowing Americans to withdraw  0   
This is a copy of part of an email I got this morning. Hopefully you Americans here can take advantage of this..............................

If you are a United States player with funds on PokerStars, you are now allowed to withdraw those funds via direct bank transfer. Have a check handy with the 9 digit ABA number and account number at the bottom.

Sportsbook Poker and Players Only Poker will stop allowing new accounts from the United States on May 01, 2011. US Players with existing accounts on either site will still be allowed to play, deposit and withdraw. We feel they are concerned that if they get much bigger their customer service and deposit/withdrawal system will not be able to handle the volume. If you want an account at either, now is the time to act.


I'm glad for the US-players. Just wondering if they have to pay tax on their
withdrawels if they do so. The concerns of sportsbook and players only are
a bit strange, why don''t they expand now the market on US-players is open?
Just update their deposit/withdrawel system and customer service and it
will be worthwhile. Well US-players, its time to act.

regarding players only..
thats more than strange. i mean whos stupid enough not to expand while theres a given opportunity?
i think thats rather a trick to get as fast as possible new customer or least to make a account before the players choose to go to another room. 2 weeks later they will say "we are open for US players again".

Hmm, very interesting.
But nice to here that US players are allowed to withdraw their money.
Hopefully everything will work fine and no problems (whatever) occur.

at least they don´t loose their money.... What I ask myself is: Is there still a minimum $ to withdraw and how much is it? I mean if you have 99$ on FullTilt and 100$ is minimum to cash out this could get really ugly.

BankrollMob Forum » Off-Topic » Poker Stars is now allowing Americans to withdraw

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