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Hi there,

I wonder what people think about the usage of tools like studindicator. When I was new to Razz, I used this to get into the game. It helped alot learnig good starters and which pots to enter.
After a while I uninstalled it, to measure my skill and not only rely on a tool. Made it into the bubbles and to final table in the freerools sometimes. I even dared to sit down at the low limit ringgame tables and was somewhat shocked about the playing speed of many players there. I mean, these guys are folding and raising so fast, it´s hard to examine what cards were out there already... like robots - lol

So I suppose many of them are using such tools ? Smile

I asked FT if it is allowed to use studindicator at their tables and they said it is. Now I consider to use it again myself, to get a chance for my share. But the truth is, I´m not really happy with this. At the end we all are sitting in front of our screens, starring at the stats... and the weaker players (who should bring the profit) would stay away from the tables... isn´t that frustrating ?

Come on ppl give me some feedback, have to get away from this r... sh... discussion for a while and come down to my game again. Blink

Hm, it seems I´m the only freak around on this planet, who even plays razz Tongue

So, from my view this thread could be closed Admin. There is no public interest. Also I already removed this software from my system for some specific reasons.

i like Razz and came 16th in the $22 SCOOP event on stars just not many others like it though .... have to start playing more cash in it and see how i do

I don't play razz cos it would take me too long to master it. Spent too many years perfecting my hold em game to start again. Big Smile

But I don't like the idea of people using poker tools or stats collecting. seems like it destroys the game and takes the fun out of it. You probly have a point about Razz, I suspect there are more cold pros/grinders on razz fishing on anyone who wants to throw money away. Not that they are not there in hold em too but I think there are lots of awful players to make up for it.

I have no intent in using these poker tools and I wish they didn't exist so others wouldn't have an advantage but I guess there's no way to stop em and you have to accept it along with the colluders and cheats.

I don't play razz so i can't tell you much about this type of game. But i decided to chime in on thsi thread considering the experience i have with the indicator series software. As you know there are also a holdem, omaha and tournament version of the software.
What i can tell you is the all softwares are working impecable, i never had any type of problems with them. Indeed all indicator series softwares are allowed on all major site, here i'm talking about full tilt poker, pokerstars and party poker.
The only drawback of the indicator series softwares is that they cost a lot, i mean wach software costs 79 euros, thats around 111 dollars each. So if you want a tool for holdem, tournaments and omaha you need to pay almost 340 dollars which is huge compared to a similar tool like holdem + omaha manager for 150 dollars.

Posted by awood88:
But I don't like the idea of people using poker tools or stats collecting. seems like it destroys the game and takes the fun out of it.

That´s my point. Especially on a very fast razz table, they have got a huge advantage. The indicator even calculates those rare winning combinations.
If you sit there, wondering why you just lost your hand against a Low with Jack high in 30 seconds, then maybe your opponent knew that it was the best possible low remaining, because he had it clearly written on his screen. Evil

So I thought it would be just selfdefence to use it myself Smile But I came over it now. I determined that a sharp eye and a patient playing style even helps to burry many of these "Kiddy-Tool"-Users Big Smile

Ah, one has to love razz. It´s like a good game of pool, when you are totally "into the flow", owning the table from the break to the last winning shot, knowing you cannot lose anymore... If Efren Reyes would be a poker player, for sure he would play razz ...

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