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Full Tilt Poker through FTPDoug, made known yesterday morning, through the forum TwoPlusTwo the rules by which it will govern the American players in exchange for points / tickets.

In a text published in the forum, FTPDoug says that "The company is working for the American players to see the money in their bank accounts as soon as possible. That is our priority and we apologize for the delay."

Still, no date / time has been advanced in this statement, what is known is that the exchanges of pontosTtickets begin next week.

- All T $ will be converted into real money, on a 1:1 basis.

-All tickets for tournaments will be converted into real money, on a 1.1.

- All tickets ring games will be converted into real money in the amount to which they relate. The tickets that have expired since April 15 are in this situation who are not even in sight in the software.

-All outstanding payments of Take 2 will be paid if the player has qualified 3-6 days will be paid $ 5, if the qualification is more than 7 days will receive $ 25.

-All rakeback payments / Cash Back will be made.

Regarding FTP's still there is no announcement to make but the Full Tilt Poker is working accordingly.

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cheers for all these info posts what you have been doing Smile
i have notice your well informed on poker news keep it up,
spreading the news to other players on here

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lol i was thinking the same he should change his name to TheNewsMan, dont even think ive seen a normal post its always news Big Smile Thumbs Up

Thank you very much for the feedback

I will do my best to keep this community informed!

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Thanks for the update. I still havent put in a request yet for a cashout. I have 75$ on there, but may just trade it to someone in Europe for convenience reasons

I'm sorry for you Brett but even if you hit cash out you aren't allowed to withdraw real money since you are located in united states. No united states players were allowed to withdraw the money from their full tilt poker account.
The only site that allowed united states players to withdraw their money is pokerstars and from what i saw guys from united states already decleread that they got the money. I'm sure full tilt poker also will pay all the us players, it's only a matter of time. Still the most important thing is to see if us players will be allowed to play again on these two large poker platforms, it would be a shame to not have us players on tables, i actually really miss them, they are really good players.

glad to know that fulltilt will be paying back money of US players, def it gonna be a big loss for them both in terms of players and funds. lets hope they dont increase their fees like pokerstars to cover for these losses.


Very good news for the US-players, well done FT Thumbs Up
And the guys are right Reiiz, very nice info-posts, TheNewsMan suits you just fine Cool

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