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Isaac Haxton and Justin Bonomo leave the U.S.?  0   
Black Friday that complicated the lives of poker pros and no doubt many Americans have seen their lives change from night to day, without a solution in sight.

Apart from getting out of work including many lost your entire bankroll - or so it seems - in the rooms where they were playing. This is the case of Isaac Haxton has frozen $ 300,000 in an account of the UB.

Player of the usual tables High Stakes at Full Tilt Poker and 2nd place in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2007, Haxton expressed their unhappiness with the U.S. government for its handling of the situation.

In an interview, the professional poker confessed that he cares about the place "where you will stop, if he can go to a country with good internet connection and where they can earn a living again."

The same opinion has Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo, a friend of Haxton and other professionals who consider leaving the U.S. territory to continue to earn a living from poker.

"It's not easy to obtain a work permit if your occupation is a poker player. When the aims expires you must leave the country and renew it. No big deal, but it is something we can not ignore. "

Hi Reiiz. Interesting read, makes me wonderr how US pro's will leave or will be tempted to try and make a living out of live games and therefore increase the amount of live games there are for a top pro?

They could always come to UK and create a poker league, where there would be plenty of opportunites for local pro's to join in? We could possibly create our own Vegas, how about Milton Keynes? Just a thought.

Hope all the US players get their money back and someone over there gets some common sense and see a way through it.

GL to all mobsters wherever you play................

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

think most of the pros will do endup leaving US unless their govt resolves the situation fast which is very unlikely.
and didna know you need a work permit to play poker from a different country Confused

you will need a work permit to stay in the country for a long time instead of having to leave every few months, months or weeks depending on the country your going to and one your from. Think is point is your not going to get a work permit to play poker or i would doubt it anyway

I actually saw Isaac Haxton's thread on another poker forum said he want 60.000 dollars for his 300.000 dollars in his ultimate bet account. After the latest news that ultimate bet and absolute poker did an agreement with the us gouvernament the deal must be off... or not
On the other hand it was clear there will be a lot of united states poker pro players that will leave united states and move in canada or europe to start playing again. Of course nothing is simple i mean if you move to another country it might be hard to explain that you want to live out of online poker but i'm sure there are ways to manage to live in any country you want.
I really do hope pokerstars and full tilt poker will make a deal with the us gov and it will permit us players at their tables again.

Its a really bad thing for all those who had money in and might not get it at all .
probably more will seek a foreign country to continue their play.
but as the article says its gonna be hard to obtain a working visa.
And not only that.
if they declare their profession wont the new country that they will reside ask them to pay taxes? Smile

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