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In an interview, Scotty Nguyen, who won the Main Event in 1998, has recently expressed his hope that Black Friday has a positive effect on the live game in American casinos and poker to go back to their "old days".

Nguyen spoke to reporters after playing a tournament for $ 1,000 Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. In the interview shared the belief that Black Friday may be an opportunity for the poker back to how it was when the live games were easier to find and the highest values ​​at stake. "I hope the poker back to how many years, when you were 30 were found where the cash tables, with limits of $ 10.20 to $ 500/1000." He added that "now, it is irrelevant where you go. The most expensive game to find is $ 300/600 and there was one or two good places to play."

In support of this view is Sam Stein, 4 Runners-up PCA 2011. Stein not only agrees with Nguyen and said that while online players can exercise a great influence in the sport, so they start playing live will face a difficult adjustment process.

"We have not arrived en masse in the kids from the internet. Just landed and some still lack the live experience. Although they have great talent and a good level of play, live poker is very different than they are accustomed. It is not yet adapted the big game. The strength of their hands is very different live online and that many are having difficulties in making such adjustments. Despite this, the live tournaments are tougher. "

Nguyen Stein and together total almost $ 15 million in earnings throughout their professional careers. And Nguyen is the star of more prominence. The charismatic players have won 5 WSOP bracelets and alone was responsible for 11 of those 15 million, all of them result in live poker.

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I really hope that black friday will make the live games blossom again. I wanna find the fishes again and in live. I hope it will be like 1996 when the fishes were juicier and tastier than ever. I hope this will happen...

I don't think online poker is going to disappear completely, but I think once the governments worldwide start to get involved and take their cut that things will look very different. For some reason I don't trust government intervention will make things better...

dont think many people will like to play live because its slow, less volume, fees are high and less donks there. just expect strict regulations in long term and gov asking for their share from poker sites, too much money involved to be closed down

Online is much more money to win and gamble away, so there is the big money at online poker sites and not at live tournaments in my opinion.

Yeah BABY, good thread BABY, I don't live in Vegas BABY. Blink

Live poker is totally different than online poker in the first place, i mean there is no reason you should compare them. In live poker you play a lot less hands than online and you basically need to dedicate all your life to poker in order to make a succesuful poker carrier.
Online you can grow a lot faster than live plus it's a lot more comfortable to play home than to need to travel to a casino, stay there in order to play poker. There are a lot of people that live out of online poker and live poker isn't really a option for daily living, i mean you can't stay all day in a casino.
If governaments want to get their share out of poker sites profit is okay, but one thing is to imposit them and a completely other thing is to ban them. Plus there are countries or cities that simply don't have casionos....

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