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Doyle Brunson announced this week-end that no longer represent your own online poker room, the The site will continue to operate under the same domain but without the face of widely recognized player.

Doyle Brunson has been the face of since its inception in 2004, prompting a strong presence in the room in the United States, first as part of the Cake Network and later the Yatahay Network. But this weekend, the poker star, 77, announced his departure from the scene ... at least online.

After the events of Black Friday and developments about online poker in the United States, the "Texas Dolly" will leave the site, making it clear you what the its output is a result of the activities of the Department of Justice announced on April 15.

"It is with reluctance that I decide to terminate my contract of sponsorship with It is painful to me to leave at this stage but I hope to return to the business of online poker so that the U.S. government to approve legislation that would officially legalize online poker . DoylesRoom's management decided to continue accepting American players. "

Ironically, the site will continue to operate under the name DoylesRoom though, Brunson himself admits that the management has asked that his name not be used.

"Although they think they have the right to use the name Doylesroom and my name and picture I asked them not to do so. Good luck and Shuffle up and deal."

Part of the site, state representatives hold the rights to the image of Brunson and that this continues to be right for the marketing strategies of the room.

"Doyle Brunson was sponsored by DoylesRoom and let his endorsement contract. We bought his image rights and are allowed to continue to use it. Doyle will also continue to play in the tournament Bounty"

The site will continue to operate as usual, ie, to offer online poker to U.S. players and continue with all other sponsorship deals, the known Brunson-10, which is included in Doyle's own son, Todd Brunson.

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already a thread about this..thanks tho

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