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At Titan Poker, there are Jackpot Sit N Gos which award up to $50,000 to its consecutive winners. Depending on the buy-in, you can take the jackpot if you win 4 consecutive times and so on. There are also consolation prizes for the runners up, like $300. All of this regardless of the normal sit n go prizes.

Does anyone else play them on Titan?

(Just be warned that it is very VERY difficult to win it so many times in a row. I think the computer puts you in tough situations, where you are constantly put on a decision for all of your chips, but it is still possible!)

A TIP: Do not even consider the possibility of collusion. They are very strict and will catch you! Another thing, do not say anything in the chat, especially profanity, they will disqualify you for using bad and offensive language.

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I myself have won 4 sngs in a row they were 9 man sngs. Like you said Fodz it is really hard. I never knew they were that strict over that sort of thing

Yes, with the Jackpot being so high, it tempts many people to cheat, therefore a full investigation takes place before any prize is awarded. There are also other rules such as: The same players are not allowed to participate in all SNGs. All of this to prevent collusion. I agree with them.

I've had several go's at these tournaments at CD poker (same network as Titan). It is very time demanding, but also very exciting. Have had 3 consecutive winnings, but got absolutely no cards to work with in the fourth tournament Sad

Posted by mrslade:
CD poker (same network as Titan)

You are correct, mrslade. Another skin for this same network is Victor Chandler Poker. As for the consecutive tourneys, I too have won 3 consecutive so far. Oh well, I guess I will keep trying.

I played a jackpot sitngo once at VC Poker to win the jackpot i needed to win 6 in a row and i won 5 in a row and won the 2nd price...(300$)...(1st price was Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar MUCH MORE Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar )

The buy in to each sitngo was 30$ i think!...

Hello! That 's right sit n go are very exciting.I ve win 2 in a row 2 time but i know it' s possible.Just have most lucking day Worship and play your best poker.And you can meet players from any site of poker who have the same network.Once i ve meet a friend on a table who play on Titan and me on Tony G! Tongue The same table at the same time that's incredible!!!

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