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I have a horrid rash, itchy and very embarrsing, just wanted to catch the attention of those who hover the curser to read frist post....
Now the real problem is a horrid virus/malware, this is worse than crabs, I managed to pick up a virus called poisen(poisen.ivey) Well I think thats its name, HUUUUGGGEEEE f**king up of the comp, I have not had a virus in god knows how long, years, avast spotted it but damage was well and truly done(ok I ignored it alittle as it shoewd as malware), scaned with diffrent software, (whilst searching the net on what it is, how to stop it etc, but during this google would get re-directed.OMG) Hitman 3 seamd to undo the damage...but like any nasty virus she came back, I got pissed and now my cumputer looks a little diffrent, 1k problems fixed...NO...f**k me bitch what the f** scan blahh blah...more problems, no room on disk to chest...what do I go and do...sod it delete..HA!! now I cant get on the net or system restor etc etc..yep im thinking PC world is open, I got windows on disk now drive for me...However as you can see im here, managed to search find firefox and reloaded it, my desktop has huge holes Sad, Sooo many files need reinstalling I HATE IT LOL....the only software to survive is FT PS and Mob Alerts Blink ..cant kill a mobster..
The problems this caused is unreal trying to DL with 100 CPU, crashing, avast starts finding more and more...oh thanks a lot spyware terminator, nice to know you can spot files after they are f**ked, dont bother trying to stop them with that fancy real shild BS.
Well thats it I suppose, computers are rigged,..comp is running fine now, but I dont think it is over yet not looking forward to the next reboot(oh yer I could not enter safe mode, comp just keept re-starting)
Lots of .exe files now deleted, probably the best thing but how do i know its gone? It has damages system restore, no dates available, should I not email anyone now?(i think i picked it up from mail), any suggestions?
Now to send this to the publishers, life story LOL, BEER!!!!! and poker if I can Sad

reformat your computer, it will work like brand new, just make sure you have a windows disk to reinstall lmao

my son com and pray with me Evil

Posted by Jibberish:
reformat your computer, it will work like brand new, just make sure you have a windows disk to reinstall lmao

THIS. No point using a half cleaned computer. Format C: and on we go. Other that that we can never be sure to have killed all the virus files.

Posted by Jibberish:
reformat your computer


if you completely f**k your windows, this is the ONLY option.

download Avira Free then run a full scan. Get it from Cnet. That will take care of the virus. Then do a systen restore point to retrieve your files. Now do another full scan and you should be on your way. Last computer I did this to had 23 trogans, 1 worm, and the browser was infected with spyware. After restore point scan found1 trogan. Computer good as new now. Advance system care 4 will optimize all the programs in the whole computer and is simple to use.Samrt Defrag 2 is a must, I play on multiple sites and different games with internet heavy metal blairing. After bout six hours the box gets messed up. I defrag lots.If you follow this you may very well be impressed with the results.

P.S. That computer took 18 hours to st8ten out.

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Oh Poison Ivey I heard of this program.

Its a trojan horse/backdoor.

I guess you downloaded a file probably a zip or rar file that had the backdoor these days its too easy to encrypt it and its virtually impossible for any AV to detect it.

Reformat ASAP! change all your passwords for everything ASAP. If you used your credit card online before watch it closely everyday. All your private info might be compromised!

PI is a simple program but there are more complex programs out there with webcam control...etc

The problem is if you get infected the person who infected you can upload other better programs and execute them on your computer. so act fast.

It seems you have more than one computer viruses, and i'm actually pretty surprised to find out you were infected while you were protected by the avast antvirus, even the free avast antvirus version it's a very strong antivirus and it should definately protected you against this type of attacks.
The advices above are all very good, but don't install another antivirus, now it will be compromised before it gets installed so the only viable thing to do is to format your PC, this will mean you'll lose a lot of files and documents but it's basically the single solution that it's 100% guaranteed to work......
I know from experience that this type of problems are simply horrible, you lost tons of important information and files, plus your e-walllet or credit card datas could be compromised. That why, and i recommaned to all to use frequently ccleaner, especially before and after you log to a financial institition or you user or credit card online Blink Blink

Dumped windows Smile and all the crap I had saved Sad , was not sure if it was worth saving files so to avoid risk I just got rid of everything..books,vids,music,programs my whole computer life has now reset and reincarnated as Linux, seams OK.(everything is small tho) Ohh and it keeps spotting my spelling mistakes, thats going to be annoying, like my old school books full of red underlines.
Passwords changed, and hopefully all is solved.
@smokim yep it wasa trojan horse/backdoor, I guess it could have been sat waiting for a while.
Now to go download loads of crap..lost my platnum 6-man vids if anyone wants to risk bookmarks..oh no, my mods Sad , its starting to hit off to go cry in the corner.

Posted by B1gfoot:
I just got rid of everything..books,vids,music,programs .

stop downloading porns Tongue
glad i havent had any kind of virus since sasser32.
since then i learned and always put my music etc on another partition - dont you?
then its enough just to do format c

Lucky for me I have EHD full of most of my tunes and some books and poker vids(also some on pen drives)
found a way to get poker sites running on linux so all is good now, quite impressed with my new OS, but and its a big but....PT3 and elephant..have not DL yet, but know I have lost my HHs+graphs.My PC is slowly turning in to a mac.
Things ar not as bad as i thought.

download malware bytes (free) i use this and i havnt seen malware that this programme carnt remove
i am almost certain that this will work for u.

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Posted by vip7vip7vip:
get a antivirus! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

what a great suggestion. im sure it never even crossed his mind nor ever heard of sucha thing? can you explain more? whats it do? hows it work?.....

two things b1gfoot

A) Whilst it's (mostly) too late now, you generally don't have to remove videos, music, etc - these sorts of files can't really contain viruses, they have to be executables, or files that can run macros, etc. You probably could have backed up your media collection first.
*** Since your HDD is still probably fairly fresh, you can still recover anything you haven't already 'over-written' using advanced HDD recovery software - though I doubt you could be fucked..
B) re: 6-man vids /cough torrents /cough

Also - yes, Linux is pretty speedy compared to windows.. Although, I gotta admit, I'm still a windows boy.. But I do appreciate linux and it is very fast.

Install Linux then install windows in a virtual machine for playing poker. Virtual Box is excellent and free but you'll need a windows DVD with a vaild key. So long as you take regular snapshots you will always be one click away from a full restore to a working environment.

@jessthehuman my bro said the same thing, after I got rid LOL, the worst bit is I have 3 comps here(this is the best one) could have just swapped a HD but one is not genuine windows and the outher is noisy..
I guess now my comp pretty much cant get fucked again I may aswell torrent up to my eyeballs, always avoided them...and I dont want to encourage people her to post nice links for NL100-400 6man BSS.
I must admit I was thinking I would miss windows, but I dont, and think this OS is much better, have to make a few tweeks to open .exe files but thats sorted and love all the customization, log on and off in seconds...and did not have to go through all that service pack crap, I will be changing all my comps to linux.
@jbrooksie to play poker I just installed wine.

Maybe your memory is full. Clean your PC's memory.

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