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I've seen some threads about that, but they were dying quick, I hope that this one will last longer Smile It's not about picks (however you can post them too, I won't Tongue), just some trash talk about this promotion Smile

I'm doing good so far, as I'm placed 30th overall (also I think there is a good chance that I'll have nice score in event #21), is someone higher than me? Will someone be playing event #2 freeroll on 21st june? It's the only one I've qualified to so far. I'll be able to play in event #16 freeroll too, but I don't think I'll give it a shot, 2-7 draw lowball isn't my game, perhaps I'll give it a shot just for fun Smile

So once again - tell me how are you doing in this promo Smile

Thx to fantasy dollars earned in event #16 I changed +670 positions from he previous event and now I am 257th ..... and thanks to your reminder I have just registered into 21st june freeroll

Some suggestions for next picks? Worship Worship Worship

Im in place 4991 Big Smile ...

One question about the fantasy wsop --> are the players you you are able to choose 100 % sure playing the tournament or are the names able to be selected regardless if they are playing or not ?

Edit : hmm that wasnt well written i ask again : can i choose a player that is NOT playing the tournament ?

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Posted by Davoodoo:
Im in place 4991 Big Smile ...

One question about the fantasy wsop --> are the players you you are able to choose 100 % sure playing the tournament or are the names able to be selected regardless if they are playing or not ?

good question.....but I don't know answer: in doubt I changed my pick on Phil Ivey when I heard he wouldn't have played WSOP even if he was in the possible picks

No, it's not 100% sure that this single one will attend the event you choose to pick him for. It's up to you to choose players that probably will play and can pull out a good result Blink

Okey, so now a little update Blink I'm registered to three other freerolls. I've been in top 1k in:

Event 7 Pot-Limit Hold'em (freeroll - 24th June)
Event 8 No-Limit Hold’em (25th June)
Event 16 2-7 Draw Lowball (30th June)

So right now I've got a chance to win a share of 4k total in freerolls Smile Sounds good Smile

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After 28 events my good run ended and I'm 100th now. It would be great if some of my picks would hit a good cash in next few events, because my goal is to be in top 100 Smile

Well, not that good as you guys, at the moment around 1746.

So far qualificated for Event 16 2-7 Draw Lowball (30th June) and Event #23 Eight Game Mix.

John Juanda brings most of the points for me, aslo ElkY.

Of course Phil Ivey was my top pick but I changed him after his statement.

Well, so after event #32 I was out of top 100, placed 115th, but thanks to my pick B - Phill Helmuth's 2nd place in Stud Championship I'm now 99th, so back in the top 100 Smile

Event #34 is probably again $0 for me (I hate those low BI NLHE tourneys Tongue).

Event #35 is at least +$45k thanks to Dwan's 17th place, but I hate myself after removing Mercier from my picks in event #35...

I also hope that I'll get some points from HORSE Championship event, because 5 or even more of my picks are still in the game, so I wish 'em luck & FT for every single one of them xD

Hi Loose. I am currently placed 5440, so not much chance there then. I am haveing a good run in event 38, (Horse). I have three players in my selection playing. Gavin Smith, Amnon Fillipi and Matt Glantz. So I shall see how it goes fdrom here.

As has been mentioned I think we are shooting in the dark a bit, not being sure who is playing which tourney.

Anyway GL to you all and hope to see you in a freeroll somewhere.

Smile Smile Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Yesterday I finished 56th in event #7 freeroll for $2 Tongue I'm happy because it was pot limit hold'em, which I don't really like Tongue There were $500 in the pot for 492 players, 90th+ place in the money. But it's the only good thing about fantasy WSOP today Sad Thanks to f'n Jason Mercier I'm down like 300+ places, to something like 420...

500$ freeroll and 492 players is good, much better than other open freerolls at fulltilt.
me too dont like pot limit holdem, but you had a nice finish and won yourself 2$ , hope u hav more favorable results in rest of events

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