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Hey ppl,
I am thinking on this for a while now, currently i play at party poker, but since most of the day isn't much traffic on the cash game tables (10NL, FR) and when there are tables, usually there are flooded with short stacks, which i hate absolutely and avoid to play since they get on my nerves much in the last time.
so basically, for ppl who play on PS, how is the competition, are the tables soft, the whole stuff...
I am a mediocre (solid, tight, aggressive post flop), nothing special i would say, on party making a good profit with my game (raising my bankrol, started from 0l) (right now i am on around 14 bb/100), but still learning many things of the game to become a better player.
Opinions, tips, should i switch???

Edited by Pile (17 August 2011 @ 10:19 GMT)

i would say so pokerstars software is much better and there is never a shortage of games, tables ect. gl

pokerstars cash games are tough in NLHE imo but once u master then and wanna go play back on partypoker or whatever u will find those games repetitive and very easy to beat

Games are def. tougher on Stars,but if you're solid they are still well beatable at a good winrate for you.
Loyalty system is def. better than party's too,traffic is always good at all times.

I'd recommend to switch.

i would recommend stars but maybe im biased as i always play there,there is always a lot of traffic on there and the software is top class,no harm in trying it out

No you shouldn't, stars is rigged!!

Just kidding Big Smile

To me it's more or less the same. As long as they deal cards Blink But yeah at stars you can choose the table you want so you don't have to play against short stacks because there is a LOT more traffic.

Good luck and have fun, don't forget THAT is the point hehe

Greetings Pile and welcome to Bank Roll Mob.

So you're not enjoying Party so far, eh? I'm surprised to hear that the traffic is low, even at the stake. I thought iPoker had lots of traffic these days. And I hear ya about the short stackers. I see how that can be annoying.

Good luck.

I am really ok with party, but the traffic through the day on cash game is pretty low, after 20:00h it gets really good, with lots of tables (although around 80% are flooded with short-stacks), but the rest of the day for me who grind's the cash game really isn't so much to chose from, weary few tables without short-stacks , weary few tables (except 2NL) altogether, and that is the reason i am thinking about switching, since PS has a huge amount of players the whole day, not just at the later hours,

Considering my experience with party poker i would do the switch in a heart beat if i were you, i mean it's good to know you are making profit on party poker but pokerstars is one level above...

Here i'm talking both poker software and most important poker traffic, it's not even a comparison between party poker and pokerstars...

I would say go for it but start at NL5 first on pokerstars, there are major diferences between the style of play on different platforms Blink

I switched, as of today i am on PS.
Just now playing some 5NL FR to get used to the looks, but the play at the tables seems REALLY bad, a ton of limping, calling with nearly anything, i just love it!! Big Smile
Now i got to figure out how is the best way to multi-table, on that point i really miss party-pokers table stacking feature, it was great for me, now i will need to plug another monitor to my notebook so i see everything clearly.
and thanks to all off you for the tips and comments!
when i become a millionaire i will remember you! Big Smile Tongue Tongue

stay away from poker stars

party poker is crap ,pokerstars (ps) is 1000's times better,more donkament, more ppl on site better sng's and poker table themhemes that blow party themes to is an lot better best thing u will is go to ps. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up a Spade k Spade q Spade j Spade 10 Spade

Never tried Pokerstars so far, I also play on PArtyPoker cash games NL10.
But because of the fact I can only play in the evening, I have absolutely no problems with the traffic.
Please share your experience with Pokerstars with us here.
MAybe I will also give it a try...

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