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I got an email yesterday advising me that a new version (2.0) for the software was avaialbe for download. I dutifully installed it but wished I hadn't almost as soon as I started playing. It's terrible, suffering frequent disconnections and using a lot more PC resources that the old version. I've now removed it and reverted to the old version (1.5).

My advise to anyone thinking of upgrading is don't. Fortunately, unlike many other sites, you are not forced to install the upgrade when you log on.

Good's junk. I emailed support...I'm sure they received loads of complaints. I'd like my BI back fron the BRM $100...don't think that'll happen.

No bonus from Come on to Portugal yet, so i think i will wait for something to appear around here and then i will think of open an acount there. But its strange: usualy, new software is to increase capabilities of the room, and looks like this was not the case.

No bonus from Come on to Portugal yet, so i think i will wait for something to appear around here and then i will think of open an acount there. But its strange: usualy, new software is to increase capabilities of the room, and looks like this was not the case.

I think it may have been a beta version b/cause it didn't replace the old version when I downloaded the 2.0. In fact I had both versions installed and deleted the 2.0. At any rate the 2.0 has too many bugs still in it and doesn't work properly. My quess is they'll sort it out and try again.
At least I didn't have to a restore point to get the original version back.

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Puh, verry often that pokerrooms have problems after starting a software update. Didn´t they try it before we can install it? New features are good, but sometimes it is to much...

It must be the same like Cake Poker which has two versions too.
I tried the 2.0 version there and it lags my pc at that point that it has to be the only program
running and praying that it will Smile
Had to restart the pc numerous times.
Did also the mistake to delete the old version and had to email support in order to give me the link
with the old one.

I too got the email to install new version, which i did, and the install said all was ok. Clicked on new version, and it opened up with no problems. Then i tried to log in, and it kept giving me an error, that log in was incorrect, tried multiple times, same result. Re booted my system same result, could not log in. Emailed support and they told me to remove it ( un install ) and re install it. After reading through the posts, i will un install it, but i'm definitely not going to install it again. Lots of problems keep appearing, on a daily basis it seems, about this poker site, ( myself included ) so i will stick with the old version. And i will probably pay by saying this, but one positive thing i can say about the original software, is i think it is the first site i have played, and HAVE NOT had ANY dis connections. ( im sure i have just cursed myself with multiple dic connects for saying this out loud, but i will keep my fingers crossed ) LOL Tongue

Anyone know where to download the old version (1.5 i believe it is?). I just got the no deposit bonus on this site and was forced to get the latest version, 2.0 which im finding is virtually unplayable. anyone have a link for the old version?

I'm more and more surprised by the day to see so much negative feedback about this poker platform...

I don't have an account there and after all this feedback i think i did the right thing.

As for the software updates i think it's normal from time to time this kind of problems to appear, i mean on the latest pokerstars software update there were some problems that were quickly solved.

I've got the link but I didn't need it. I emailed support and got an appology. They gave me a link to download the original version. They,also, said they could not comment on problems at this time. THis is what they sent.
Dear Rick,
I'm sorry to hear you don't like the new version of the poker client. Here you have the link to the old version, let us know if you have any further problems with poker.
Have a good weekend
Here is my reply: Both versions were still on my computer. I removed the 2.0 version because at times I could only see one of my hole cards. When it was my turn to act the action buttons faded into the backround and I could only call, check, or fold and I had to seach with my cursor to find the buttons. Wasn't a fun way to play. At times some of the board cards were blacked out as well. I lost my buy in for the BRM $100 and I tried a freeroll as well and gave them both up. It's not so much that I don't like the software, I just can't play that way. I know of another forum member that went back to the original verson as well. I suspect the 2.0 version is a beta version and may have some bugs in it. I'm thankful it didn't replace the original version, saved me alot of work not having to system restore. I'm calmer today and can better explain what transpired.
Kind Regards,

They replied:
Dear Rick,

Good to hear your Poker works now. Unfortunately at the moment I can't comment on the reasons why the new client was behaving like it was but I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work. In any case enjoy the old client and good luck with poker!

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Yours Sincerely,
Laura - ComeOn's Customer Support

Don't get me wrong here, I like playing there. It's just when I get hit by something like this and so unexpected...well this one frosted me. I would try the newer version agaiin, if they fix it,and never ever just after I sign up for a tournement. Shock

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